Ghetts – Black Rose ft. Kojey Radical


Stream/download the new album Ghetto Gospel: The New Testament:

Listen to ‘Black Rose’:

DIRECTED | Netti Hurley
VIDEO PRODUCED | My Accomplice
AUDIO PRODUCED | Confect & Naldo



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Comment (31)

  1. I hear a lot of trash about why some black men seem to have a preference for other races being because, the mother that raised them was harsh, didn't sugar coat anything, maybe even seemed cold at times..Its sad that they don't realise if you are born without privilege and are a man, that harshness was actually true love because it taught them how to survive. Kudos this song.

  2. Ive been trying to make this my ringtone , i wish i could just do like we did back in the 2007 when we recorded the part of the song we wanted and set it to our ringtone 😂 now i have to be extra , and cut some stuff chop n crop it 😂 this will be my ringtone though , for all my Negus .

  3. I love black people and being black. This song reminds me of the feeling I got when I listened to Melanin by Sauti Sol. As Black people we should celebrate our Melanin and big up our brothers and sisters. Whenever I go out I try to send smiles and warmth towards my melanin-rich brothers and sisters.

  4. Do you know what I hate people like Fredo talking about so much negative about trap and it blows yet these types of songs don’t blow like they really should, I think people we need to come together and stop listen to wack music especially Americans they talk waffle none of them are 2 pac and none of them are biggie and a bundle of them use samples from other songs they can’t even write there own lyrics

  5. Bro this song was not needed all, this song is basically for dumb fucks you don't care about women….. We all know that everyone is wortly of love…. What happend to you? You can't make songs about busting shots in niggas ans them this…….bullshit. I understand that message but your coming across as a wet fish…. You took a very big L for this "thing"

  6. :/ disappointed with every song on this album. This ain’t grime. Always loved ghetts but he’s clearly going pop. Losing respect for a lot of grime mcs.

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