Ghost Mode ft. 楊賓Young B – Smoke (Outro) Official Music Video

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Ghost Mode ft. 楊賓Young B – Smoke (Outro) © 2020 Ghost Mode Entertainment

YB 原收入於2016黑錢幫2的OUTRO,因版權所屬故收入於GME今年度GHOST MODE專輯的企畫中.

別忘了你來自哪裡,別忘了你受過那些人事物的滋養, 造就了現在的你..
別忘了來自大自然那股最純粹的味道與能量,將會幫助你,牽引你 ,更加認識自己包括整個世界,
好好把握這股感受,昇華你在普世價值中的原始認知, 你知道 我不方便透漏太多…
Don’t forget where you come from,
do n’t forget that you have been nourished by those people and things, and made you now ..
The purest taste and energy from nature will help you,
draw you, and better understand yourself, including the whole world,
Grasp this feeling well,
sublimate your original perception of universal values, you know I ca n’t reveal too much …

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#GME 全新大碟 !! 今日 2020/3/9 專輯預購企劃正式啟動 © 2020 Ghost Mode Entertainment

Director – ShihLiJen
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GhostMode Graphic – Andrew Song

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  1. 聽完這兩個星期出的音樂,其實心裡有點難過……..不知道該怎麼講??現在只想去聽聽老莫唱的歌緩和情緒…….但願上帝陪著楊賓,,,,,,,

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