Ghostface Killah ft Mary J Blige – All That I Got Is You

Ghostface Killah ft Mary J Blige – All That I Got Is You

Ghostface Killah ft Mary J Blige – All That I Got Is You


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  1. I haven't not one time ever listin to this song and not wanted to a better man . I never want my family to have to struggle
    this hard . even tho I did…. I'll be damn if my step kids go without

  2. My childhood described in a song…. tbh i would'nt of changed a thing when you live that life you survive of pure love and happiness a feeling and bond with your family and friends that no amount of money can buy

  3. This Reminds me of my Grandmother and Baby Brother, who was Murdered a Year Before This Song Came out. I am 1 of 4, 3 Brothers and 1 Sister. We were Raised By Our Grandother, Because, Our Mother Passed When I Was Around 2 years Old. So, She Was The Only Mother I Knew. My Grandmother Passed from Cancer in 2003, and My Oldest Brother Passed From Cancer in 2011 as Well. I Get Teary Eyed When I Hear This, Because I've Experienced Most of it as a Child. And I Realize, If It Wasn't For My Grandmother Taking us after Our Mother Died, We Would Have Been Broken Up, and Placed With Strangers in The Foster Care System. I Will Always Be Grateful To Her For That. We Didn't Have Much, But She Did Her Best With Her and Her Deceased Husband's Social Security Checks. I Miss My Grandmother and 2 Brothers, I Think about Them Every Other Day, and They Show Up in my Dreams From Time To Time. RIP To All of Them.

  4. Love you mum!! Always has my back and does any and everything for me even as a grown woman. I appreciate you and I prove it to you each and everyday.

    RIP to my dad who always kept me solid too. I feel you everyday, couldn’t get rid of you if I tried!

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