Grandmaster Flash –13 – Turntable Mix ''Get Off Your Horse and Jam'' -B$


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  1. You had to bring your ghetto blaster and record live to get this shit. Pure and uncut. The dope shit from a GrandMaster. I'm it's illest form. Original flavor. No additives.

  2. Bac in 77 / 78 i rocd tha mic once @ ( 52 pk ) , with tha ' SOUTH BRONX CREW , jason aka "Skate Master " was on the WOS. lil rush' nellie nel " ralphy" etc. Jus to name a few . I was jus 15 YRS OLD . a dance crew called " la"spank" went on tour in LA , 'shout out to all the members tho !" when they came bac , they was doin this nu dance called " pop lockin " NOBODY ! NOWHERE ! in nyc was lockin at the time. (FACTS) ! cause i was in them streets . they showed me , n that day in 52 pk / afta i got off the mic. , i helped introduced. SOUTH BRONX to poppin ! Killed it . the pk was packed n all eyes was on me
    If anybody out there remember that day. Email me @ [email protected] . i still roc mic's mk my own joints , ! long live the real " HIP HOP " PEACE !

  3. i would love to see his record collecton i wish he would do a video about his record collection he's a true master of the breaks alot of these breaks you don't hear that much

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