Great Advice from Musicians for Musicians

Great Advice from Musicians for Musicians

Hear Roy Hargrove, Terence Blanchard, Poncho Sanchez, Wallace Roney, Gregory Porter and Kenny Barron talk about what it takes to make in the music business.

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  1. And they should of said it’s not just recording company’s that rip musicians off its other musicians who rip musicians off … ✨✨✨💰💰💰✨✨✨🤔😮🤭✨✨✨🎶🎶🎶✨✨✨🍄💌🍄✨✨✨

  2. I decided ten years ago that I wanted to sing jazz. I was 60 and had been singing choral masses for too long. I still have to pay people to listen to me (in workshops with incredibly giving real musicians, where my nightly performances almost always end in tragedy because I forget to tell them when to stop, or I fall over the music stand). I don't have much money, I joke that where I live is ruled by an evil wizard who has declared a jazz-free zone for 3 hours in any direction, so I never get to go on stage, but my voice and vocal technique go on getting better and I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. I think from time to time, maybe I'll cut just one album on my old TEAC, a capella, for my kids. But it never seems to happen.

  3. Bad advice. Will only lead to heartbreak. You have to earn a living. You need a stable job to support a family. Have music as a hobby is ok. Do not try to earn a living from it. Only a few do. The rest end up as a life of disaster.

  4. Great video, you can really tell that these guys have seen it all.

    However I disagree with Kenny Barron though. I don't think the main reason for the emotional disconnection is the way young people perform music.

    I think the real reason for this is that when people get older they tend to spend less time listening to new music intensively the way they used to so the emotional bond doesn't form because this needs time. But I guess he hears something that doesn't connect with him right away and he doesn't listen to it 50 more times like he would when he was younger. Berry Harris felt the same about Coltrane's stuff. It's a normal generational thing in my experience.

    The amount of music we're being offered probably plays another role. There's so much music available that people don't listen to the same stuff over and over which is a way an emotional connection is formed.

    I think one of the reasons older people mostly don't connect to new music is because they don't care about the hype. Younger people do, so you still see people singing a Corey Henry solo or a Joe Dart bass line.

    I'm not trying to hate on Kenny, he's a brilliant musician and I love the way he express his opinion without being arrogant.

  5. You HAVE to have the talent and practice your horn. There is a big difference between practicing and entertaining yourself. Remember a Dream is a goal with a deadline. You don't want to be expired dreamer…..if this helps?

  6. I once heard the great New Orleans vocalist and musician, John Boutte, tell an audience that if anything is going to save this planet it just may be MUSIC.

  7. calling it a 'gift' is false modesty – if the amount of time and effort that this 'gift' costs was spent on any other endeavour it would be charged at an appropriate rate, ie a lot more than it is currently

  8. When you think of it Kenny Barron was talking about a guy like Jimi Hendrix. Feel and Emotion in a musicians playing is what captures the heart. Taking you to a place where no logic can take you. Some may word it differently, but it's that Graceful Space. That beautiful Space inside A Musician that never changes his Passion for Glory. Like being inspired from Mental Heaven and bringing it to all people on earth. And Thank You God for Motown. All the music and the great singing was from a place in heaven.

  9. As somebody who played professionally for 30+ years, I can say that trying to "make a career" out of music nowadays, is a fools errand. Only a few can reach the level of these artists. If you are looking for inspiration to continue playing, writing or singing by watching this vid, you already don't have what it takes to begin with.

  10. Very Inspiring comments from the greats. I agree that their are a lot of technical players out today but I very seldom remember what they play after it’s over and the music never leaves me in chill bumps. The soul is just not there.

  11. One thing I’ve encountered through the years of playing, is the amount of competition, jealousy and back stabbing some of these so called musicians will pull. It’s a gift we are given to share, to entertain, not to compete.. Some will only try to bring you down. Get out there and surround yourself with the same like minded people to play with. Gig,play,gig,play and then some. Your best practice and learning will come from gigs. If your passionate about it, you will in time benefit from it, even if that one person approaches you after the gig to tell you how much they enjoyed your performance.

  12. And you need to form a union. It ain’t about the money, but a musician puts so much time into his art, and he gives so many people so much joy that he (or she) deserves to live a life of dignity, not be nickeled and dimed.

  13. Music is spiritual and it creates a mood…you know when your on your game..sometimes if you play to predictable it's ok but doesnt always create something special where as when you let everything go and do something different in moment..the listener will be inspired *

  14. If you're watching this as someone who puts their voice in AutoTune and all you do is want to make beats, skip this video. These people talking here have more knowledge about how things really are than flavors-of-the month. They know things to learn from.

  15. Ive noticed too that there are some younger players with mindbogglingly great technique but they dont seem to play from the heart. At first its very impressive but it does not really go anywhere. Lots of the younger players say standards bore them but perhaps they did not live the life of the older players who stayed in segregated hotels or killed themselves trying to get a gig for a long time.

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