Guru ft. Avrex & Big Shug – “Propaganda”

Learn how to rap like the pros

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All proceeds will go to KC Elam Guru’s beloved son.

Boston native rapper Avrex puts Guru of Gangstarr on center stage. This unreleased re-edit Guru verse will bring you back to the boom bap. Propaganda is also shedding light on the negative and disrespectful approach producer Solar took towards Guru’s family. “Save it for the birds/ I’ll make your solar eclipse ” says Avrex in “Propaganda”this is definitely a power bar. Combined with Avrex’s clever word play and a solidified stamp from Big Shug (Co-Founder of Gangstarr) this is a classic record.

Produced by DJ Lord Ron (Long time friend of Guru) and an intro from Guru’s beloved sister Patricia Elam this record is the definition of HIP HOP. The video has appearances from Ice-T,Sadat X (Brand Nubian) M-Dot (EMS) and many more underground favorites.



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  1. Avrex, Guru of Gang Starr and Big Shug's Propaganda song and music video is a classic. I love the hard beat. Big Shug's lyrics are funny. He said yes sir. I'm big and black. So I must push drugs LOL. And I must be strapped LOL. My Cadillac says I smoke grass LOL. My facial expression. I'll beat your ass LOL. And when the cops come. They get moved by the boss LOL. We know you took the money. And cashed the checks LOL. You snake ass dude LOL. We gon break your neck LOL. You ain't got no more bread LOL. You just waiting to sue LOL. I like music rappers Sadat X of Brand Nubian and Ice T who are in the music video. RIP Guru aka Keith Elam. I miss you. I love Avrex, Big Shug and Guru.

  2. Dont worry sister your brother lives forever in millions of us. He has excited, buzzed, motivated, encouraged and straight touched all of us. Much love from sheff uk

  3. Solar has been quiet lately because he ran out of that stolen money he got from Guru's condo sale. Solar had to get back to his janitorial work (only profession he is even slightly qualified for, besides, well, you know).

  4. I guess something really bad happened between Preem and Guru.. But we never know the truth… Rest In Beats Keith Elam.. Most gifted MC i ever heard.. Props frum Russia.

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