Hadaf Had Nadare – Erfan & Sarkesh Ft. Khashayar Persian Rap

Dont Forget To Comment – song by California based Iranian Rapper Erfan and Germany based Iranian Rapper Sarkesh
“Hadaf Had Nadare” or “Hadaf Had Nadareh”
Erfan Ft. Sarkesh Ft. Khashyar “Hadaf Had Nadare”
Produced by Tag Team
Persian Iranian Rap & Hip Hop Song Exclusive by ParsHipHop.com you can DL the Song here: http://www.parshiphop.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=44&Itemid=2

For more videos vist : www.ParsHipHop.Com/video


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  1. Chatori homie..!!! look mah nickname… hahahaha… ACHPKITO… hahaha… Andres in da House.. haha.. yo… damn good work wit dat beat dogg… me n mah crew r doin da video n I hope we can upload it soon man….. till then…. pce out…

  2. HAHAHA… Chatori homies..!!!!! YOOO.. I dont kno you guys… but I do kno da Tag Team Musik crew…. they are mah homies… Naveed n Luis….!!! mah niggas.. this is ACHP from Ecuador South America… Nice song locos…. me n mah crew are doing our video 2..!! I hope we can upload it soon…. till then.. pce n keep workin doggs… Pce out….

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