Hardnoise – Kiss FM Interview (Circa 1990) (UK Hip Hop)

Hardnoise were rather an elusive bunch when it came to stuff like publicity, photo shoots and interviews, that’s why this chat with Max LX & Dave VJ on London’s Kiss FM is an interesting peek behind the influential London crews mystique.

Group members TLP1 and DJ Son give insight into the creative process behind some of the U.K.’s finest ever Hip Hop tracks inbetween airings of the almighty ‘Untitled’ and ‘Mice In The Presence Of The Lion’.

A free download of a shorter version of this interview is available here…. https://soundcloud.com/hardnoiseposse/hardnoise-kiss-fm-rare


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  1. There will never be music like this again, with so much power and energy. Getting goosebumps everytime listening to untitled. The serve tea then murder original demo is still one of the best instrumentals, so sad there is only the instrumental version in bad quality available. R.I.P. Gemini….

  2. make no mistake TLP1 was a fucking beast of a mic controller,,,,,,,,,cross his flow at your peril people,,,,,,,,,,,,you will find out proper quick that you are up against a wrecking machine,,,,,,unrivaled skills from a prestigious and elite time in hiphop,,,,,,,,,,,we were nothing but blessed…….

  3. Hardnoise nailed it,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i fucking worshiped them, they was massively influential to me, when things were tough Hardnoise went on, if i was pissed off Hardnoise went on, when girls upset me Hardnoise went on. without any doubt, for me personally, Hardnoise are the creators of 3 of thee most incredibly constructed hiphop tracks ever to smash into me,,,,,,and i am forever in your debt,,,,,,,my love, thoughts and respect go out to Gemini,s, friends and family,..ive only just found out when checking out this upload and it has upset me……..

  4. R.I.P. Gemini

    Loved his style on the mic, one of my favourite MCs, he certainly had a style of his own. Hardnoise one of the best crews ever, UK, US, wherever…

  5. Damn, finding out that someone you looked up to as a youth has passed on via your own Youtube channel is gutting to say the least. Gemini created some of the most powerful U.K. Hip Hop ever via HARDNOISE and BUSHKILLER.

    "Gemini realistic, energetic, poetic, artistic."
    Rest In Peace.

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