Heavy D & The Boyz – Money Earnin’ Mt. Vernon (1989)

Heavy D & The Boyz – Money Earnin’ Mt. Vernon (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Heavy D & The Boyz performing Money Earnin’ Mt. Vernon.
(c) 1989 Universal Records Inc.


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  1. Heavy D
    (for Dwight Arrington Myers) May 24, 1967 — Nov. 8, 2011
    by Doreen Ambrose-Van Lee
    Today I shed tears
    For the man who was
    Light on his feet and
    Easy on the ears
    The party rapper
    Who gave us hits like
    Money Earnin' Mt. Vernon,
    Mr. Big Stuff and Now That
    We Found Love
    Who exited our earthly stage
    on Nov. 8 and is now rapping
    with the angels above.
    I remember when I use to blast
    his albums in my bedroom in
    the late 80's and early nineties,
    My mother would yell up the stairs,
    'turn that down!!'
    I did for a few minutes
    then I'd turn it back up and she'd
    come upstairs and find me-
    Then she picked up the album and looked at the cover
    and asked me 'who is that rapping?'
    My reply was it's 'the OverWeight Lover!'
    Then she said 'he sampled James Brown,
    I like that… it's okay, Doreen, you don't have
    to turn it down.'
    Then she started tapping her foot and bobbing her head
    Then she asked me 'is there a video for this record'
    and with a smile 'yes' is what I said.
    On that day I was so happy my mother took interest in one of my favorite MC's
    So from the bottom of my heart I want to say I love you Heavy thanks for the memories..

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