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Onoe Caponoe’s album ‘Voices From Planet Catelle’ entirely produced by Chemo Feat. Jehst will be released on the 28th January 2015 on High Focus Records on CD, digital & limited edition vinyl.

Bars taken from ‘The Staircase To Nowhere’, beat produced by Marceyy.

Onoe Caponoe on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/onoecaponoe
Onoe Caponoe on Twitter: https://twitter.com/ONOECAPONOE169
Onoe Caponoe on Instagram: http://instagram.com/catporn169

Website: http://www.high-focus.com
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/HighFocusTV
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HighFocus
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HighFocusUK
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/highfocusrecords


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Comment (28)

  1. For some reason I really connected with this. Then I worked out the lyrics:
    I love you
    I love you
    Creaming when I cut you
    Jelly fish my baby swimming far from where your maze be
    Maybe one day I’ll impregnate you with my baby

    You’re my girl so I’mma take you to the park
    You always have to wear my coat when it gets dark
    Don’t fuck around I love you
    You’re my girl, my beauty, pile of shoes be told
    I’d shoot myself
    If you went away
    Promised you would always stay
    Well take me with you
    I’m beggin you take me with you
    Through the water’s clearest crystal
    Lapping at my pistol
    I’m so proud that we’re official

    Jelly fish my darling
    I love you lets make a garden
    Take advantage while it charted
    We’re loving hearts regardless
    Smoking the dutch for afters
    I plaster stuff with ya stardust
    You’re marvelous
    Leave me far away
    When they can’t chart us
    Guide me to the river
    Like flicker dimmer
    Rashivia that ghostly figure strong
    Never hear a sum 
    I forget I’m clever

    Jelly fish, sugar plum
    Made in ghost
    Where’s it sprung?
    You’re my fucking girl
    You’re my fucking world
    I love you
    I love you
    Dreaming when I touch you
    I’m always thinking of you girl
    I’m always thinking of you
    Do you dance so i can watch you 
    I’m so glad that what you
    Suicidal if I lost you
    Ain’t nothing about you 
    But I tell you that I love you

    Tell you that I’d kill fucking myself just to touch you
    I just melt thinking of you
    Hang myself just to fuck you 
    Where’s the belt where’s the buckle 
    Find myself in the muddle
    While I was watching you

    What have I done
    Listen Jelly, you got me sprung
    Now I’m staring out my body
    Hanging while I float from above 
    All I wanted was your love
    All I wanted was your love
    Now I’m trapped inside limbo 
    Watching wanting you to come
    I been stung
    I been stung
    Fucking Jelly you got me sprung
    Now she’s floating in the sea with other fishes 
    Like we done 
    Evil bitch has got me smoking 
    Real vicious and then inhale
    I was chillin with some spirits the asked me to get cattell 
    Oh well

  2. Used to think I liked Onoe, but I feel his style is too much about the exterior and how he presents himself, rather than his actual music. Like some weird face to some music you don't actually feel but you feel like you should feel it because that's what you've been told to feel. You feel?

  3. Yes High focus for bringing this guy through! Love the movement and what you lot are doing for Hip hop. Larging up Onoe Caponoe too. FIRRREEEE!!!!

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