Hichkas And Quf – Migan Quf Freestyle

Hichkas and Quf freestyling the song “Migan Quf” in a private gathering of the Saamet Records. You can spot other members of the Saamet Records in this video


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  1. ablahe bache ghashoghi.oskole nafahm…mage zooresh kardan ke parcham bezare too clippesh ke majboor bashe parchame jomhooriye eslamio bezare ?az avalesham hamino behet goftam. hich parchami nemizasht behtar bood. LIKE I ALREADY SAID, HE WAS MAKIN A POLITCAL STATEMENT. vali intor ke maloome to ye koontaghale kale kiriye obneizadeye nane harmaleye amme jendeye gorbe sefate haroomzadeye valade zena bish nisti va in harfa halit nist. boro khodeto mashghool kon ba filmaye disney,male in harfa nisti

  2. Cheghad khengi, Oon bad bakht too Iran zendegi mikone, koonesh pare shode ta betoone mojavez vase videosh begire mage mitoone parchame shahanshaheeo neshoon bede? Choop too koonesh mikonan, mage ridan too oon mokhet ke mesle khar khengi? Tanha parchame irani ke oon mitoone neshoon bede hamoonie ke hast. Bache chaghal maamele kosse ammate

  3. bekhaab baba maamele. to engar kheili khengi…kosmokh mage to clippesh parchame jomhooriye eslamio nemibini behesh salut mikone mige parcham balast???koori??? roo parchame irane hazer allah va allaho akbar nazade???age eslam culture toe khodeto be irania nachasboon arabzadeye mofangi. " my fellow iranian" get the fuck outta here.

  4. Dear, unnecessarily aggressive dumb fuck, He doesnt say a word about Islam in that rap, like I said in the beginning you want to hate things to feel better about yourself so hate on my fellow Iranian douche nozzel.

  5. you must be on some shit or you just popped out an egg some time a go. ain't nobody i know who wants that flag of iran mixed up with some islamic bullshit… nobody. everybody loves the red white and green. but the islamic republic flag has arabic verses on it, what patriotism are you talking about. dulture and traditions are being killed under that flag.

  6. What I understood from the lyrics was that they took pride in the Iranian flag, in its green and white and red, in the fact that it has been corrupted, and destroyed taken over and still after all of this stands for a great nation and a great country with great culture and traditions. Pure patriotism.

  7. i give props where props are to be given. there are so many different things they could have selected as "symbol" why choosing for one that many people don't relate to?? I mean if that's not a political statement, than what is?? If they didn't made the videoclip I would think the same way you do but i got eyes haven't I?? rap is a culture and bringin out a Videoclip is a part of that same culture. wrong choice for the flag if you ask me. And seriously WTF would I be hating on these fools for??

  8. I just listened to "ye mosht sarbaz" again, Lyrics are beautiful, First off, he doesnt specify what flag he is talking about, It could be symolic for all I care. Lyrics are dead on perfect. You have no idea what you're hating people for, you just want to hate for whatever reason,

  9. and i've been reading some of the comments that other fools have made saying " hichkas khodas" (probarly only head bouncing maggets who don't understand shit).baba in kharkosse nanejende pashme kiramam nist.

  10. :)) Che GirRi DaDia
    Na Do0o0o0Sesh Nadram Vaghti Ke IRaN ZeNDeGi MiKarDam Ye AmaLe SaRe Ko0o0o0Chamo0o0oo0N Bo0o0o0D KheYli Shabie In Bo0o0o0D Konjkav shodAm KHastam Bebinam Kie in HalA Mishnasish YA Khodeshi?

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