High Focus Boat Party @ Outlook Festival 2013

Learn how to rap like the pros

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Footage from the High Focus Records boat party at this years Outlook Festival 2013. Track: Fliptrix – Suns Down (Prod. Chemo)


Verb T
Dirty Dike
Jam Baxter
Leaf Dog
Rag N Bone Man
Edward Scissortongue
DJ Sammy B-Side
DJ Madnice

Video filmed & edited by Jack Pasco (Pasco Productions)

Outlook Origins 2020

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Comment (19)

  1. High Focus and everybody in it is hands down the realest, freshest, most promising shit out there in modern day rap.

    Unluckly for me and my crew we're not from the UK so we can't go to every single show they throw as we would fkin love to, but I hope they grow and start doing world tours and shit. Maybe show up in my hometown someday

    Till then, BIG FUCKING UP to all of ya pricks, keep doing your shit you sick as hell. the rap industry needs ya lot. PEACE !!!!

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