Higher Learning (1995) Trailer

Higher Learning (1995) Trailer

Directed by John Singleton

Malik Williams – Omar Epps
Kristen Connor – Kristy Swanson
Remy – Michael Rapaport
Fudge – Ice Cube
Taryn – Jennifer Connelly
Professor Maurice Phipps – Laurence Fishburne
Wayne – Jason Wiles
Deja – Tyra Banks
Scott Moss – Cole Hauser
Monet – Regina King
Dreads – Busta Rhymes

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  1. im white but i thought i was black for majority of my life through music but i i dunno im not even gunna say it but one day i will learn my place i think i allready have even though i keep watchinh ebony movies i reall dunno if i was in jail with black men like i was {aboriginals} i went to another unit with white men and i was fine but thats jail i really dunno ay anyways im drunk peace to everybody i aint no hippy neither

  2. I rewatched this movie late last night until early this morning. I must admit this movie was good and I understand the overall message. Violence begets violence. Some of the characters in this film were level headed like Professor Phipps and Dajia, Malik's (Epps) girlfriend. Professor Phipps in particular was not just trying to tell Malik but all of his students that the world will not cater to you because of who you are as a person in terms of race or ethnicity. And he's right. If a school like Columbus University existed in real life, I would either drop out if I was already enrolled or avoid it like the plague it is. Films like these also make me thankful for online education and how you can get your degree entirely online nowadays and maybe even in less time than if you did the traditional four year college. And you can take online classes at a well known school.

  3. Every character in this movie as a piece of shit, except for Laurence Fishburne. Both the white supremacist fuckers and the blacks were fucking horrible people. I don't understand why the African-American characters didn't go to an Historically Black College or University since all they did was whine about how evil white people are. And a Nazi skinhead gang at a college? Really? How the hell would such a thing be allowed, even way back in 1995?

  4. This is the most racist, anti-white movie I have ever seen. The director is living proof of the fallacy of “black people cant be racist”. Want proof? Reverse the races.

  5. Remembering John Singleton (1968 – 2019), film director (Boyz ‘n the Hood, Poetic Justice, Higher Learning, Baby Boy). USC class of 1990. No more problems.

  6. Race hustling, there has only been one enemy and it’s in charge, black or white it made this propaganda. 2019 and Cicero’s words are forgotten, Hitler is a villain, is that’s acceptable you are not educated in rationality and facts, or ignorant.

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