Him Lo & Giallo Point – OJ Glovez (Full EP)

Him Lo & Giallo Point – OJ Glovez (Full EP)

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Him Lo & Giallo Point – OJ Glovez
01. Heisman Trophy
02. Multiple Stab Woundz
03. Corridor Exchangez
04. Nicole
05. White Bronco
06. Ol Dirty Swordzman

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  1. it is not "just art " we influence people . tell em your stories . dont brag about bringin the heat and shit etc etc … carry the heat nobody knows . be a gangsta , train , be A MAN ! be simple and good and friendfly af till something goes left …and need to set them str8 . be rightful !

  2. straight is the right gangsta way . being str8 with everyone and everybody . act hard u get deleted .. tahts what it really iz . the real hard ones know as they ve been shaped by life on its own

  3. ive seen death know what i mean ? i am more hood than those who pretend they are or are .. know am saying .. i was raised by different father figures one was beating my moms and same time stopping her from heating me and abusing me and the other was showing me ak47 bullets. i aint claimin no gangsta though .. know what i mean ? niggas is faggots for claiming that gangsta shit . humble is the right gangsta kind of .

  4. i dont get why mothafuckaz act this way a real boy will take yo things str8 if u deserve it . why reproduce so much violence ? i was raised in violenve …. cursings all the time beatings my father didnt't knew …very very bad situation i would call it ill but why so much violence reproduce ? i cannot get this … this is not real hiphop or whatever ive sold kilos i know how it is to put yourself in danger ..

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