Hip hop Albania music 🇦🇱🇦🇱🇦🇱

An old photograph was the trigger of this story
that on this quiet night opened the way to a memory
of a time when everything had other meaning
where my destiny was at the great crossroads.
Since childhood, in the asphalt of this city
in conflict with other children, the third frigate
with 10 years of learning to hit without mercy
making small thieves that made me feel good.
The bad society I was dealing with and the life under occupation
the free feeling of adult adrenaline led me to the crime
imitating American gangster films
even a lazy kid prone to hassle.
The foreign herbs for apples and pears were the first goal,
then we are told that we were still considered beginners
until experience was created that allowed us more
with the orders of the chiefs who always found us a job.
Foreign houses, shops, various cars every night
and other work that we have been working for a long time
6 years old foreign waiter until I created my guard
Boss, street soldier, this was my dream …

The road … lirin ma fali
i am the road soldier that stop, yeah … yeah …
I dreamed late …
being a street soldier is not what I thought …

Now the profit was great because we were only 4 friends
this city was ours, we walked to heaven and not to the earth
Teenager rampant without love in the heart
with stolen cars, before and every night another woman
This was my life, while a camouflage school
laughing forever but silently in my soul
because the enemies did not sleep, we were targeted
permanent competition problem we had
Terror fight, for our old craftsmanship
even though we had now started another job
real business, with only 18 years
but you can not be quiet when violence speaks
I was in the purse instead of the book when I went to school
paranoid, that my life is in a thin thread
on the other hand, the family had investigated in my doubts
from mission to mission, without vision for my life
Arrested for the first time in the police
I was a strong fanatic, protecting my friends
responsible for me for the crime I did not
enduring beatings over and over again for 2 days!

The road … lirin ma fali
i am the road soldier that stop, yeah … yeah …
I dreamed late …
being a street soldier is not what I thought …

The soldier of the road, but now everything looks different
the pleasure that I felt was disappearing
the most mature I was, with many dilemmas in my head
until the time has come for changes in my life
I was tired looking for another perspective
a stroll in the light away from the old craftsmanship,
disappointed and repentant of our history
I realized that I was wrong even though it was probably late
My friends continued though I waved to stop
Two of them are now in jail
one in France while the other in Italy
the 3rd in 8 months covered the Black Earth
Killed in an attack by Italian special forces
once again a burning heart fights in a Nane’s chest
now I answer why we started the game
Perhaps the guilty was the degenerate society
I’m sorry for all the bad things I’ve caused
if I had a chance, I would have perfected everything
because now in my heart I learn a sun there is no snow
I’m a street soldier but with a microphone in his hand

The road … lirin ma fali
i am the road soldier that stop, yeah … yeah …
I dreamed late …
to be a soldier of the road is not what I thought.


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