Hip Hop Instrumentals: Simple India Crunk Beat (Sampled)

Sample: Eski Hint Mzii


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  1. Who I'm I , mutha fucker- big sUrg, alias is the creep, a vicious lunitic in the streets- a menace to society- letting loose, blowing up rivalrys, I'm coming in witt heavy calvary- cuz their punk bitches everywhere so hell ya, we packing artillery- with my fatigue and boots- I'm ready for war and more ….

  2. I was cruising down da street/gat loaded at my feet/bass music in the air/smell of pussy everywhere/girls with blonde hair/their asses almost bare/titties here and there/summer girls are ripe/pass the fuckin' pipe/it's alright/I got enough kush/we can go all night/tonight/it's outta sight/trunk fulla green/backpack fulla dreams/we're gonna ride till we die toniiiigght…

  3. its started already the verse is the curse
    i woulda said it worse but then i got that thirst
    the never quenching, always wanting, but never getting, sometimes complaining, energy straining, dont have time for this saying, thirst, but hell its comes with perks, atleast two or 3, its also got a water catcher, and the perks are trees, its atleast 3 foot with the bottom beakering,clear as can be it is glistening, bowl packed im dripping from the mouth,cant wait to light the lighter and take my t now

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