Hip Hop & Rap vinyl from the 80s & 90s | Awesome Finds #57

Hip Hop & Rap vinyl from the 80s & 90s | Awesome Finds #57

This week’s batch includes releases from Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, Kurtis Blow, The Last Poets, Herb Alpert, Full Force, The Egyptian Lover, Bobby Jimmy and the Critters, MC Hammer, & Vanilla Ice #hiphop #rap #vinyl
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Comment (28)

  1. Props to the LL Cool J Lp – what a classic! I finally picked this one up (it's a repress UK release from the same year – 85') – just amazing! This LP has been going up in price just like the Beastie Boys over the past 3 years or so. Kurtis Blow has all the top hits in the Ego-Tripping LP (that's a good find). Run DMC – Raising Hell (That's a must have – wish I had it for my collection). I'm a big Egyptian Lover Fan – that 12" single was spun off from my favorite LP from this artist of all time "One Track Mind" – Killer tracks. I don't have that LP by Bobby Jimmy, but I have "We Like Ugly Women" on 12" which was produced by the Egyptian Lover. Appreciate you displaying the Old School flavor!!

  2. Hey man I like your videos, but a lot of your commentary gets really repetitive. You describe things as "good" or "cool" a lot, but that doesn't really say a lot about the songs. You should take a little more time in the writing of your reviews to add more details for what you're talking about. You should ask yourself "What MAKES this [song, drum fill, solo, performance, etc.] good? How did the artist make this passage sound unique?"

  3. Hey Geek!
    I’m listening to one of my favorite artist Khalid who i’m sure you’ve heard some of if not a lot of. His debut album American Teen surfaced in 2017 but i just recently saw it on vinyl at a Target of all places and would love a review from you.
    Thank you, big fan!

  4. I am a HUGE Full Force fan. Smooth was a good album, but their next album (Don't Sleep) was amazing; it even had a cameo from Bobby Byrd. Also the Sugarhill Records logo is possibly my favorite music logo of all time.

  5. A good example of the last poet cover sideways is Queen 2. I think that's what they were going for, but it just didn't work as well as how the gatefold in queen 2 looks.

  6. Egyptian Lover and Bobby Jimmy and the Critters lean more to early 80's Techno style Hip Hop specifically from LA. Them along with Uncle Jamm's Army, The Unknown DJ, and World Class Wreckin' Cru paved the way for the whole West Coast scene.

  7. I was actually happy to see you have paid more than Thrift Store prices for your records. It always seems that we are watching you go through a Thrift Store or Garage Sale haul, etc. I guess I could have assumed you have some really nice stuff that must have cost a large amount in your vast collection, but that idea gets lost in the presentation at times, to me. By the way, you are called the Vinyl Geek right? Is this your actual personality, or are you acting for the camera/show? I would be interested to know. It’s hard to imagine you sometimes listening to something like Hip Hop and loving it. Either way, love your vids.

  8. Hey, how come you never did a video comparing Let It Be to Let It Be… Naked? I would have thought your channel of all channels would have provided the definitive comparison of those two LPs. My money is on the Spector version. When I found out that “Naked” meant Paul did exactly the same kind of splicing and dicing of takes as the original and replaced the overdubs with “digital pitch correction” (yes, the Beatles finally released an album that auto-tuned John Lennon’s voice- just what everyone wanted), I realized that “naked” can still mean “had too much plastic surgery”. I prefer it dressed.

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