Hip Hop Tour Vietnam 2006

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  1. I for 1 understand everyword he say, as for them dancers is just a bunch of copycat. Couldn't dress for shit but hey who m I to judge rite. There was no South VietNam til the 1500s Central n North only. If u don't understand ask don't shit. May anh em VN xin dung che nhieu van pham cua minh, Bac Trung Nam cung dieu mot nuoc. Noi sau nhau lam gi de cho nguoi ta cuoi. Nguoi Viet chung ta da bi cha dap lau roi kg can may ban cha dap nhau nua ma vuong len chu. LOVE & PEACE.

  2. just all shut up you guys is just hate the vid becost is only vietnam luggage there fucking guys so dont commet the vid like that

  3. sick ass "bac" accent?! Wtf are you talking about?! Vietnamese from different places have a different accent but when they all sing it sounds like "bac" accent. The whole country knows "nam" accent is funny only vietnamese from south (nam) think they are not. 😀

  4. Re: Raise your questions/issues/concern
    Hi Chi Nha, Thanks you very much for your time and advice. I will definitely give you a call after I come back from my PTO. Currently I am studying for my
    Posted – Tue Dec 16, 2008 7:57 pm

  5. Why? It is the main accent in Vietnam after all. Not "Nam". Nam is the accent that makes everything sound like drinking water.

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