holding hands under the sky of bangkok // southeast asian chill hiphop mix // [sea]s chill vol. 1

Track List:
[Brunei] Izzat Hanapi (RIZZY) – Expressed 0:01 – 2:30
[Indonesia] Yosugi – MESSAGES ft. BAP 2:31 – 4:29
[Malaysia] Exact – F*cking People 4:30 – 8:13
[Indonesia] Eizy – Kacamata ft. GBRAND 8:14 – 11:28
[Brunei] Izzat Hanapi (RIZZY) – Hidup 11:29 – 13:45
[Vietnam] Dr. Kaka$hi – LOCAL LIFESTYLE ft. Weedie 13:46 – 16:31
[Malaysia] Exact – Dulu & Kini ft. ??? 16:32 – 19:52
[Myanmar] Jczondatrack – Holiday ft. Frezzy & NJ 19:53 – 25:17
[Thailand] Dandee – Anyway ft. Younggu 25:18 – 29:28

Welcome to [SEA]S aka South-East Asian Squad youtube channel. We are here to provide you some of the best hip hop artists and producers from Southeast Asian countries; Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, and East Timor. With language is getting less relevant in music nowadays, especially in hip hop, We can jam together to the beats and appreciate more fellas coming to the scene with promising projects and releases. Hopefully, [SEA]S will be the channel people use mostly to discover great artists and producers from Southeast Asia.

This is CHILL VOL. 1. It consists mostly slow-tempo, laidback, chill, wavy beats or whatever you want to call it. In CHILL, you’ll find good stuffs to accompany you to sleep, study, or even game. It is a perfect mix to keep your brain relaxes, and loosen your muscle from a tough day. If you want a mix that pumps you and energizes you, check out our HEAT mix.

For now, we have CHILL and HEAT series as our main uploads for the channel. Expect something more in the future and be the first to know by hitting that subscribe button. Also don’t forget to Like and Share the video. 🙂

#SoutheastAsianHipHop #SoutheastAsianRap #ChillHipHop #ChillRap


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Comment (11)

  1. Track List:

    [Brunei] Izzat Hanapi (RIZZY) – Expressed 0:012:30
    [Indonesia] Yosugi – MESSAGES ft. BAP 2:314:29
    [Malaysia] Exact – F*cking People 4:308:13
    [Indonesia] Eizy – Kacamata ft. GBRAND 8:1411:28
    [Brunei] Izzat Hanapi (RIZZY) – Hidup 11:2913:45
    [Vietnam] Dr. Kaka$hi – LOCAL LIFESTYLE ft. Weedie 13:4616:31
    [Malaysia] Exact – Dulu & Kini ft. ??? 16:3219:52
    [Myanmar] Jczondatrack – Holiday ft. Frezzy & NJ 19:5325:17
    [Thailand] Dandee – Anyway ft. Younggu 25:1829:28

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