Hollywood Undead – Comin' in Hot [Lyrics]

Artist : Hollywood Undead
Song : Comin’ In Hot
Album : American Tragedy
Label : A&M/Octone

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Comment (36)

  1. Sucks. I am not your average listener. I am called 'Magella' and whatever I did to get your industry's notice…oh my god, oh my fucking god I am so sorry to myself. What the fuck are you? I am so sorry I ever listened to you. I am so sorry I ever went to any of your concerts. I am so sorry if I ever tried to prove I exist. I am so sorry you ever took notice.

  2. peppy aka peppy 3 tears and robotboy tommy as tommy scene and ppg buttercup as ppg buttercup Danny and ppg bubbles as funny girl

  3. I'm gonna chase this whiskey with patrón, I wanna girl on my lap and a jägerbomb; I'm comin in hot, you heard me And i'ma make it rain on the girl who serves me I drink a fifth of vodka till its gone, And if it feels so good then it can't be wrong. I'm comin in hot, you heard me, And we be taking shots and if you not you nerdy!

  4. Not lying I went to their concert last year in April in Dallas and it was super funny because they had some kid come up on the stage before they played this song and scream "it's coming in hot motherfuckers" it was actually hilarious I love that kid

  5. When your only 13 and people think ur innocent and ur are playing music in a playlist then this comes on and your like "Oh SHI-" quickly turns it off and awkwardly laughs

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