Honey Dijon Boiler Room Berlin DJ Set

► 1 hr of heavy house hitters from Honey Dijon at Boiler Room Berlin’s 6th birthday party in Mitte.
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Comment (27)

  1. No one can touch this girl…she is on fucking fire…She knows what shes doing both technically and from a programming point of view…damn f🔥🔥re

  2. Sooo good to hear real house music again after the tech house invasion! Honey bringing the spice and the chi town flavours of real house music! The DJ who really got me moving back in the day was Switch aka Dave Taylor, i loved the vibe he created with the music and his tracklist was dirty jackin house with jazz and hip hop thrown in and anything else that was good! Sadly he stopped DJing out much and changed is sound post 2007 and for over 10 yrs ive had djs ive liked who have moved me but none who got me so happy and buzzin long after the gig…….. no one who did diverse sets i loved, i thought that was it, i won't get that 'feeling' again of real joy and excitement to listen to a DJ again…………but thanks to one DJ….i feel it again and that's Honey Dijon! Bigggggg uppp people!!

  3. I'm a five foot high nob end in a peaked cap and a unicorn Tshirt who can't dance BUT I look really cool if I dance next to the world's most statuesque, beautiful and elegant DJ

  4. Her musicality is extraordinary. So many seemless switch-ups, and just in an hour. Would LOVE to experience a whole night with her 🙌🏽.

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