HoodCelebrityy- “Wine Pon It” (Official Video)



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  1. weh cardi b type gyals !💜 jamaican here man ! weh mi gyal nicki as a trini !🇯🇲 eff yuh naah guh twerk right gyal get off di stage ! get it an dweet ! aal fi mi island girls and boys cum rite now🇯🇲💉please read dis hoodcelebrityy🇯🇲💗💉❤️

  2. Some girls nowadays can't wine 👎 at all.. grab a cellphone 📱 take notes from 90's to early 2000 dancehall.. stay off the dance floor until u learn something…

  3. This shit is wack as hell, this one semi hit wonder need to go sit down somewhere, she can't handle this Dancehall shit, she need to go try and do some reggaeton, maybe she'll work better there

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