Hopsin, Dizzy Wright & Jarren Benton freestyle – Westwood Crib Session

DOWNLOAD AUDIO: http://www.mediafire.com/?b2s2njrhd1hd5w1
Westwood Crib Sessions baby with Funk Volume! *HOT* freestyle with Hopsin, Dizzy Wright & Jarren Benton. BIG! Only on Tim Westwood TV


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Comment (36)

  1. Feels like 90s , biggie is deffo nodding to this up in gangster mansion , eminem is getting the documents ready and suge is working an escape plan !

  2. It's pretty clear that I'm a bit different
    I lost my mind in 09' and I still don't know what I did with it
    Now I punch babies and kick midgets
    I'll bust a glass bottle over your head after I piss in it
    The game never showed no sympathy for Marcus
    Fuck it I got a new remedy to start shit
    Every wack rapper's now an enemy, a target
    I'm gifted you flat out mentally retarded
    Bitch I don't reason with fags, I'll uppercut you so hard the front row of all you teeth will collapse
    Your jaw bone will get too weak and detach, I'll put you in a coma so long it'll take you 8 weeks to get back
    I'm rockin' out on Tim West and I'm representing with my crew
    I'm wack? Take a second listen to my tunes
    You niggas better quit I advise you
    You never go in like a non-erected dick in a dry cooch

  3. Hop is the only verse worth a damn in this….and jarren benton high on dick dust if he thinks he is anywhere near good enough to be considered the iranian Eminem let alone the black Eminem.

  4. Looking back at this , I used to say modern day hip hop is trash , but bar for bar this is just as bad they’re saying nothing lol I used to love funk volume too now I see how corny Hopsin is

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