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Produced by Hopsin

Directed by Hopsin

Funk Volume


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Comment (32)

  1. Tá faltando um letrista desse nível no Brasil, que trate desses temas com essa profundidade e sinceridade! Esse cara é um monstro!!!!

  2. That's all he say
    that's tall
    He pray
    Hopefully he don't fall
    Trees in the call then waits
    I feel like ten trillion dollars but thts still up for debate this side of me feels like I get the hate
    God rides with me everyone needs an escaped and the eye
    a.million they prides will speak

  3. Man, I’m loving all these rappers coming out against religion with pure fire. Like I can feel your trauma. I went through so much time where picking these things apart was all I could ever think of until I eventually could no longer justify being Christian. I realize you probably won’t see this comment but I just wanna say thank you so much for this. It’s good to know that there’s some backing for the stuff I’ve gone through in the music genre that I love.

  4. Definitely a genuine and genius man. Theres a reason why the most real rappers like this guy and theres a deep meaning that people need out of his lyrics. Thank you hop, your music helps my mental state.

  5. Wow….now this guy pretty much sang all that has been on my own mind since i was a child. Thank you good sir for bringing your awesome work to light!.

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