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  1. It's sad how many dads actually have to go through this…I've been there…thankfully it worked itself out…me and my daughters mother are really good friends….I feel bad for hop though because this shit he spoke about on here is 100% true…I hope one day he is able to get to know his son…

  2. To a heart or hearts
    that may read this,

    At this point in time I can urge you to save yourself but can't actual save you because that part you have to do yourself. If you want a better life you must start taking responsibility for what emotions you feel, for what thoughts you choose to live by and take responsibility for your actions. If you choose to say "they make me feel" or "that makes me feel" then those are statements of a man or women who chooses to be not responsible for what emotions they feel. To no longer to feel sadness you must take responsibility of why you choose to be sad and take action to develop a change in your life that helps you then feel like its appropriate to choose to feel happy.

    As well to choose to have compassion for all beings and no longer eat animal flesh and eat a vegan diet or a raw vegan diet can help you then choose to be happy, and, as well, is an action nesscary for you to live a life that will help you choose to be happy. Otherwise your choice to eat animal flesh will have a bad effect on your body that you may not understand at this moment which will result in great suffering for you and also for the animals you choose not to care for.

    Further more to decide you have the right to harm or others have the right to harm for you so that you may consume animal flesh will result in self condemnation. Unfortunately, if you eat animal flesh, you have been indoctrinated into a society that teaches you that killing is ok to do to some animals and even may have been indoctrinated that its okay to kill some humans. I hope my words were read by you and taken seriously and are incorporated into your daily life & I hope you organize a beautiful life for yourself and others.

    A letter,
    From a heart,
    Named Lee 💜

  3. This Song make me cray😭😡she is bitch just Know the BC your father dont fuck with your mot

    Make this blue IF you hope him to se his son👇🏾👇🏾👇🏾

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