Hopsin On His Favorite Eminem Verse

Hopsin On His Favorite Eminem Verse

Twitter- https://twitter.com/TexTheGamer

During a livestream Hopsin plays his favorite Eminem verse

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  1. My fav verse is either Sing for the Moment verse 3 No Love Renegade verse 1 and 2 Detroit VS Everybody or Drug Ballad verse 1

    (Role Model verse 1 deserves a mention tho)

  2. That verse is sick but that's not even top 20 Em verses. His wordplay, double and triple entendres, cadence is out this world. He just gets more and more creative.

    Another dude I love for that is MF DOOM. Anyone reading this, do yourself a favor and type "Mos Def MF DOOM" and watch Mos Def talk about him and repeat his bars in admiration. Dude's a fan of him and keep reciting his bars.

  3. Hopsin trippin high on Em HAHAHAHAHA this vid will trigger the cancel culture vultures like lord Llama, dicky nick and greasy vlad lol! They be pissed that a black artist is fcuking with a white boy! But this ain't no ordinary white boy! He's one of the G.O.A.Ts of Hip Hop!

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