Housewife – Dr Dre, Hitman, Kurupt

Housewife – Dr Dre, Hitman, Kurupt

from dre’s 2001 album



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  1. Usually when the homey ain't doing it right. When they try to judge you. Knowing that most get their girls who needed a place to stay. I have dealt with same type women. I usually have them go home safely once you get your strawberry flavored kiss from a Valley Girl from Pacific Beach. Don't let no Barrio Bitch in your house. According to a friend they give you head while you go to sleep without finding out if it's okay.

  2. All these noobs saying they came here from Billie. OG's bumpin' this since day 1. Me in my 1994 Sentra with a 1800 watt sound system driving down Western Ave or Crenshaw Blvd.

  3. We all born into Sin…..We all have been mislead….If God can Chamge Me……H3 can change any1…..He without Sin throw the 1st stone…..Judge not shall not be Judge

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