Howlin’ Wolf – How Many More Years (Licks his Harp)

From the DVD “Blues at Newport 1966”; Howlin’ Wolf seems to enjoy the taste of His Harmonica maybe just a bit too much. This is a very good performance by a consummate Master of the Blues. Enjoy!


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  1. I don't know what to say. My dad is a huge blues fan and growing up, I knew many of the blues records by heart and would sing them regularly. This was a real pleasure to watch.

  2. The whole performance was spoilt by the terrible sax player and you can see Wolf put his left hand out at the start as if to shut him up, and several times He looks to House as if to say 'Who's the clown on the sax' and maybe that why he was blowing his harp all the better to drown out the sax…??? And with the lick at the end He def gives him a Look!!

  3. the story goes, after wolf started gettin big, he gave his mom a 500 dollar bill. she tore it up , and told him it was the devils money. did some research. at the time, there WERE 500 dollar bills. just sayin

  4. Until I got into this session on several vids…WIllie Dixon was always my favourite… I liked Howlin Wolf but not as…well he had the whole act…looks, and a powerful jaw

  5. The Great big, bad Howlin' Wolf. I know Heaven has the greatest Blues section to be found and when I get there I want to meet up with you all. Howlin' Wolf you are missed but thankfully we still have your music. Hugs Mr. Wolf until I can hug you in person. You still got it here, sir.

  6. This music is so full of soul, emotion and history. Just realized how big of a legend Howlin Wolf was at the time and the foundation he laid. One of the few artist who was self made, financially stable and extended his educational knowledge to manage his own finances. Maintained a long marriage, raised their kids and even had health care for his band members. That was EPIC even for this era…a true pioneer.

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