Huh – SonaOne

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  1. Damnit! Dope! I love it.. I hope that I can meet him and ask some lesson 'bout this shit more.. Malaysian dude.. Hit the YMCMB's out of this world buddy.. Damn! SonaOne fantastic in this stuff.. Beat the other international buddy.. I'm Skitzo, SonaOne big fan.. 

  2. yo sona one……..word yo word………u sound like some black dude from the states man…..lets mean up n do a collaboration…… doing a album soon on vocals…lets meet up yo….dont worry im singing in r & b n english album…how wd u like to be featured?/?

  3. thats a fucking dumbass reason to dislike a rapper. shows no attention paid to lyrical ability and swag which is just as important for the technicality to translate. but yeah caprice is gay on multiple levels i was at his show the other day could not keep a straight face.

  4. nampak kau tak cukup bijak untuk bersuarakan ? bercakap kerna orang benci dia. kau ikut serta. tak tahu mengkaji hanya tau menyampaikan apa yang telah disampaikan? baca sejarah. baru menyampaikan. orang tak respect kau pun kalau kau berani bersuara. orang respect kalau fakta kau betul

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