Husk – Jam Baxter

#08 Husk (Produced, Recorded, Mixed By Chemo)
Jam Baxter
So We Ate Them Whole


You ain’t the same at all
Melt down face the wall
The young child chewin his leg with them pendulous eyeballs make you call like
Whats the price on a eighth? your star prize awaits
Let it prize your face apart hows that blood in your saliva taste?
Now, whole lot of booze in the system, whole lot of suits outside
Hole in your head so big you could fit a whole town in a ditch that size
An, you were outdated you were outnumbered
I was out raving, out with the drunkards
You were in a little tin box all sprawled out sprouting a dark grey fungus
You and your endless rehearsals, whats my line?
Stop eating them pills your eating all day they’re eating your mind
Sudden flash of a thousand dead children little man yells ‘roll cameras’
Flash back to a ball on set with these withered old actors

Nice little husk your dragging
Nice little swing you built
Feds at the front door banging
That spider will spin you silk

That’s what that cotton ball does to ya
Makes you roll like deaths best customer
You can score the whole thriller between the scratch marks on your drained out jugular
Nah, you and your doctor, your and your poisons
You and your schedule of endless appointments
You and your jailer, you and your tomb
You and your shrine to a script faced doom
She still sits in a waiting room
With her ears in her right hand grating em
Mute button worn away screaming old man cello-taped to her cranium
Drenched on a park bench howling
Fat little feds in a toy car
Mile high reptiles out there prowling
Hold that thought, brick for a brain, come lets talk
I caught her at kings cross squeezing her tears in a tall glass feeding em all to a bright red corpse
Weird, these days I ain’t powdered up
Twitch of a nerve, blink of a an eye, call of the wild, loud as fuck.

i couldn’t find this anywhere on youtube and it’s one of my favourites of this album so. i do not own any copyrights.

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  1. nah , you and your doctor
    you and your poisons
    you and your schedule of endless appointments
    you and your jailer
    you and your tomb
    you and your shrine to a script faced doom

  2. big… fair for doing the bars aswell bro.. i write loads of his bars down just for myself to get a decent grasp on them.. i wrote these these somewhere once and got cotton wool rather than ball.. all else i rekons spot on.. also.. ive asked him personally on twitter / facebook about certain bars and hes surprisingly keen to correct ya or explain the meaning behind a track etc.. just a heads up coz we both kno theres a few rappers out there with some delusion that their too good to talk to us mere mortals..

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