I Am Macedonian !!!And Im Proud!!!

I Am Macedonian !!!And Im Proud!!!


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  1. If you want the truth, you are a Central Balkan Slav from a beautiful multiethnic Central Balkan Democracy. And that’s nice.If you love lies and constructed myths you are the new incarnation of Alexander himsel.
    Some “history designers”(not historians) said that Alexander was not Greek because he said “O Macedonians and Grecian allies…” However, sometimes in Homer, the heroes speak firstly to their tribe and secondly to the other Greeks. That does not mean that the one who is speaking is not generally a Greek. In Alexander's time, Dimosthenes also used to call Alexander "barbarus", as he considered Alexander's tribe as a less cultivated one, in comparison with the other Greek tribes. But it's about tribe and not nations. Because, if he felt so special, as now people in Vardarska feel, why as a CHIEF and KING he made so many nation's speak the greek language and not his “supposed macedonian" one?
    Besides, people of that time named these kingdoms "hellenistic" and not macedonian. That means Alexander above tribes etc considered himself a Greek. Moreover, 100 years before, the Makedonian king Alexander I (494-454 BC) took part in the Olympics, where only Greeks and not Illyrians or barbarians were allowed.
    But let's change page: in 100 BC, all Greeks have forgotten tribe-fights as they are under Roman Empire. In 700, in 1054, in 1453, in 1650, in 1850, 1900 a Greek knew that he is Greek. In Vardarska, did anyone remembered to be "macedonian"? Instead, in 1900 the 20% spoke and felt more Greek, another percent more Bulgarian, and another more Serbian. And nationalisms… began. Of course, bad thing…
    So then, in 1893 the Bulgarian BMPO started works. And later, in 1910, the newly discovered microbe of communism constructed the myth of a separate nation. And later Tito… Communists as other gods created many “new truths”( or myths), all of them “for the good of people”. Even murders or gulags existed for the good of people…
    What I feel is that the problem of the region has to be solved from where it stopped. That means from 1893… What was the identity then? But THEN. And not in 1920 or 1945.

  2. Lots of people's they wishes to be Greek even.gay people because they feel more man's the the fyromian people (dick head ) what I can say peoples like and your government they need medical attention

  3. I am Macedonian.
    I come from Macedonia, Greece, the birthplace of Alexander the Great.
    I speak Greek, like ancient Macedonians did.

    You are a Slav.
    You live in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, which was never part of the ancient Macedonia, but was Paeonia, an enemy of Macedonia.
    You speak a Slavic language and in fact a Bulgarian dialect.
    You are actually a Bulgarian using a Greek name ("Macedonia") and Greek and Bulgarian history, like as if it's yours.
    You are pathetic.

  4. After so many evidence of greek side(your) , not of yesterday (as your false facts) contrary from a some thousand years ago and written of greek philosophers and historians. Мore of clearly that helens not accepts Macedonian hegemony by Phillip II Macedonian contrary greeks hate Macedonians and were in love in its democracy (living in city-states) for difference of Macedonians that already have a state

  5. Нormal with your money and your lobby easily can to push the world in lies.You tell as hellenic city-states were at war is also when Philip II fought with helens !?! Then Xenophon (great helenic patriot) wrote in work "Anabasa" as he participated of side of Cyrus Younger (Persian) against his brother Artaxerxes II ?? (According to you and Persians are greeks ahahhaha what desperation of your nazi side) And now why you are ? Persians ,hellens , aliens , cowboys ? hahaha

  6. thats what archaeologists says: youtube.com/watch?v=E2I2Vzn-t4o&feature=g-like&context=G282d114ALT3e1CQABAA! u cant convince anyone!macedonians had greek names believed in greek gods they spoke and wrote greek! whoever comes in greece and visits the museams can find out whats the truth!and i have a really good name for ur filthly poor with no money country! and the name is: wanna have big history and i refuse my bulgarian region so i can steal the greek history! not that bigger than fyrom 😉

  7. Can Former Macedonian Republic of hellASS 😀 or Current Bankrupt Mesopotamian Country (hellASS) , or Former Turkish Province Yunanistan
    338 Chaeronea Phillip Macedonian destroy greek province
    1453 Turkey fuck all fucking gaygreeks :))) mwa

  8. Archaeologists know ask of them ! The nobody not been allowed to participate , at least of Macedonians because Alexander I philhellene not have helen origins. How do you want believe or not you do hellenic interpretation of all Macedonian gods (specifically your nazism) Always you had city-states never real greek country while you fight each other Phillip(Macedonian) the demolished greeks in Chaironeia , and Demosthenes jealously fled before Macedonian Phalanx

  9. do u really believe that if ancient macedons spoke and wrote a different language and they believed in other gods they could change their religion and their language so easily all the macedons together?why do they hve greek names?as for the war u said me i have to say u that it doesnt prove anything!couse sparta had many wars with athens (the most known the peloponisian war)!what does that mean?that sparta or athens wasnt greek?th half greeks supported athns &the half greeks supported sparta!

  10. i aked u a link of these things that isocrates said and not to repeat what u said! i also want the link about these thing that demosthen said! i alsoknow that alexander said im glad that i was born greek!as for that thing u told that he was banned from olympic games u can make a research on google and find out that he and other macedonians participated on olympic games!hahaha even the birds on the trees know they spoked and wrote greek and they believed in greek gods!

  11. Bankrupt cattle out of Thessaloniki field there is spirit of our ancestors out of our Macedonia you are occupiers 1913 occupy Lower Macedonia but will be slaughterhouse as in 338 ;)))

  12. So did Macedonian Olympics in Macedonian city Dion for Macedonians can to participate. Demosen(greek) in their Philippics wonderful explains as Phillip II of Macedon is barbarian (man does not speak Hellenic) why Demosen hated Phillip if Phillip is greek? why Phillip fought against helens 338 Chaeronea if Phillip is greek ? And the gods and language is not the same of the hellenes. Alexander III Macedonian before battle calling his body Guard of language incomprehensible for helens

  13. Isocrates (greek) say to all ancient world : Philippe Macedonian be king of the Macedonians , benefactor of the hellenes and master of all barbarians ( Here are words of Isocrates ). Alexander I was (philhellene) called because have sympathized to hellenic culture.If is greek why would have called philhellene !?! Can be narcissus if already is greek. Olympics wear ban for him because is not helen and no Hellenic origin.

  14. can u send me a link about these things that isocrates said??and pls answer me why alexander,philip,macodonia,olympia,voukefalas have meaning in greek and are greek words when macedonia has nothing to do with greece as u say?why did macedons and alexander the great could participate on olympic games when only greeks could?why macedons spoke and wrote greek?why did they believed in greek gods?pls answer me couse i made u these questions 7times in an other video and i recieved no respond!bb now!

  15. True old Kiro said many incorrect works no evidence ! If Kiro said so in 1993 , Isocrates wonderful tells us before some thousand years :)) Thanks of you greeks prove that Macedonia and Macedonian people is not greeks . Beautiful you thank you hellASS 😀

  16. gligorov ur prime minister says:
    milososki says:youtube.com/watch?v=GmuqA2F9F9s&feature=g-like&context=G2d3da8dALT2SbPAAKAA

  17. Isocrates (greek) say to all ancient world : Philippe Macedonian be king of the Macedonians , benefactor of the hellenes and master of all barbarians 🙂 Masterpiece of Isocrates of ancient world 😀 Conclusion helens recognize that are different of Macedonians and recognize rule of Macedonians

  18. Priznimizni zlatkozezo makedonijaaa. Whats that clowns…It is Alexandros not Aleksandaarrr . It is Makedonia and Makedonas not Makedonija and makedonski shitofski. You are slavoalbanobulgaros, nothing else

  19. Aristotle is Macedonian(Greek of course),born 384 BC in Ancient Stagira (current name of the region Liotopi, half a kilometer south of the Olympiad).In 342 BC Philip invited him to Macedonia, to undertake the education of his son Alexander, who was then just 13 years old. Aristotle began with eagerness the work of education of the young heir.Take care to impart the Panhellenic spirit and used it as an educational institution the Homeric epics,taught the Greek language not in Slavic.

  20. @dShando1 u r not the 1st person not to believe i am a Martian and tries to
    ridicule me,,,,do u have the same problem,,i mean being RIDICULED ???

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