I-Octane – Banga Fone (Official Music Video)

I Octane – Banga Fone (Official Music Video)
Produced By Jones Ave Records
Distributed By Johnny Wonder
Video By KD Visuals
(c)(p) 2020 #ioctane #bangafone #jonesave



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Comment (28)

  1. Dear I-octane. You been in the music game for many many years and I got to say this song is totally garbage. Its 2020 and it's time to drop this murder music. Bring back the old I-octane please.

  2. Smh everybody a try take up the scamma song thing. It nah make u relevant bredda just guh back inna hiding until u find a decent song weh ago uplift the youths. Expect better from u g

  3. Some ah dem artist yah ah sell out, stop wid di fu¢€ry and get back inna uh lane, dis ah nuh wah wi waan fi di youth dem inna dis yah time, we want more conscious and ellivated contents for our youngsters who is already on the brink to distruction, I'll surly say thumbs down 👇 on this one.

  4. People uno stop bash the yute every artist sing song fi uplif the uno dem but at the same time them affi do a bad song to
    I octane a good yute dweet same way family
    Mek the pussy dem talk gi dem somwthing fi envy

  5. Artist yuh fi stick to yuh roots. Yuh think dem brick pon brick scamming summn yah sell records. Stick to yuh roots, right now old octane a beat yuh bad pon this

  6. Every body turn choppa yah now a wah dis man like octane tink chopping a joke ting sing bout weh u know bout yow u nuh know ntn bout dis dawg leave dis to we!!!!!

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