i still think of you

Sleep/Ambient Mix
Chill & Calm
🎧 Lofi/Chill Beats 🎧

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0:00 TRA$H – Her Ballad


4:50 Nohone – Quiet Saturday Night

8:09 Waifu Avenue – u made me realize i’m worthwhile.

11:13 Kasper Lindmark – When I Grow Up

12:13 w00ds x imfinenow – a journey

14:38 Charlie – Pretending

Artwork by Kia Amazona

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Comment (38)

  1. I don't miss someone, I miss who they were before and the memories we cherished. The saddest part?… Is that I'm probably the only one who still holds onto them and wants to just have things be the way they were before. I know it'll never be the same again, I'm not a fool. Leaving was the best choice for myself though. I still think of you, the old you.. You know who you are. My old ex best friend..

  2. Always…

    If only you initiated things more
    If only you didn't stood me up multiple times
    If only you knew how much every little thing you do affects me
    Despite all the pain
    There were moments
    Moments Id keep forever inside of me
    I know its not my call to expect more from you
    But know Ill always love you from a far distant.

  3. i would prefered to have a relationship with you that failed, because now i'm always thinking, what it would been like, if we had one and i will never know if it would worked out…
    but maybe i'm more in love with the idea of you anyway.

  4. The more friends you make…the more you get attached to them, the harder it is to let go..I can tell you to not get attached, but your human, emotions make you. Not that is bad thing, but its a mental weakness that causes insanity, physical hurt, and depression, and many more bad feelings. A terrifying loop in which there is no spiritual exit. The only way you can truly excape this cycle, is by stripping away all of your emotions….right? Wrong, you will become depressed without emotions, but then again you will become depressed with emotions..So what do you do? I have the answers, but what good would it be to give you the answers if you never understood in the first place? So i,ll let you decide how to decode it.

  5. This for SH, you probably know me if you're reading this.
    It was love at first site, kind of.
    We've known each other since 2nd grade.
    Yet I had thrown it at the window.
    By telling you I liked you..it was 4th grade 2019.
    Not a good day for either of us.
    I still think of you,

  6. It's crazy isn't it? Loving someone so deeply that youd have thought you were made for eachother, the swirling chaos that you were was put to rest and given peace. But they leave and you're there thrown back into a new chaos again…lost.

  7. Well, am late but screw it.
    Will be 1 year next month since we broke up. It was the kind of long and painful awkwardness of drifting apart. You know we just weren't talking much till nothing. Turned out we were both waiting for each other to make the first step again. I tried to talk but yeah it was kind of too late. Then one day we met and I gave her a letter where I was saying that I had wasted enough of her time & patience and that she shouldn't wait for me anymore. This is one of the worst things that ive ever done, now that i think of it. I screwed up. Each and every good & bad things we went through always pop up from time to time. And she is my neighbour. Her cousin's family live just besides her house and every Sunday night they gather. She laughs like a seal mixed with an alarm. Sometimes it makes me happy to hear her being happy but sometimes it makes me sad that im not the reason. I mean right now in my life im ok but she is still in my mind. I still can't guess if I still love her.

  8. I lost you through a joke that went too far. I have felt guilty asf ever since you left me and blocked me on everything. uwu
    That was almost two years ago. And I still think of you sometimes and cry to myself.
    I feel so stupid. Just one small mistake ruined everything.. I pushed you too far.
    I wonder if you still think of me?
    I wonder if you even remember me?
    I can feel the memories of us slowly fading.
    I want to move on, but at the same time I don't.

    What is this feeling? It stings.

  9. Even after all these years, when I am sure you have been forgotten, a song or a scent or a word will bring you full force into my memory like you never left.

  10. There's a particular someone back in middle school that I had a crush on I barely talk to her, looking back we used to sit next to each other in 6th period back in 8th grade, since both of us were quite timid we had a hard time communicating, as time passed by and 8th grade ended, thinking back to the final month of it there was hints that she most likely crushed on me too, I used to text her which was a year ago, she told me she has a boyfriend, which was a let down, but after 3 years I don't anymore because I moved on, move to this year where I got played by a girl who did actions that would hint like a girl who crushes on a guy, but she has a boyfriend and rubbed it in, I felt empty, like asking myself "why the fuck would she do this?" Till this day I hate myself thinking of her, but happens naturally to me wondering looking at my celling laying down on my bed, "what if she didnt mean to hurt me………."

  11. Theres just vast void… but this small quite voice whispers to me it doesn't have to be. BE OPEN, & LOVE WILL FILL IT. Dont stand still. Dont hide. Ur other half is out there waiting for u. its oh so hard love.. ik. Oh i know. U are more then ur situation ur experiences are just building blocks to something more than u could ever think. Believe in ur self.

  12. ppl always say that you'll find new love… but the way i loved him? i could never love like that for another ever again. i just want to love him and only him.

  13. J,
    Even though I never knew you that well, and even though I still don’t know for a fact that you liked me back, and even though you had a girlfriend at the time, I still felt lost when you went off to Harvard to achieve bigger and better things than I could ever dream of.

    You study the universe and its inextricably complex forces. You delve into the very nature of our existence on a daily basis, your mind always in the stars asking the “whys” and “what ifs.” You look beyond our lonely world into a celestial dome of swirling pans of space dust and sprinkles of starlight, trying to understand it all and somehow put the puzzles together. Our connection, the thing we had, I thought it must have been written in the stars somewhere. My pull toward you was beyond any human measure; I felt something that kept the stars apart and kept the earth revolving around the sun in our minuscule solar system. I felt something for you that I never thought I could feel in my entire life for someone, being as cynical as I am: Love

    I carry you in my heart, J, like cargo going on a ship sailing into the vast sea of life. I still think about you sometimes. Still think about messaging you or talking to you but knowing that you have better things to do and might still be in a relationship, which I have to respect.

    We sang that song together. Do you remember? “i carry your heart with me,” a poem by e.e. cummings but turned into a song. That song, that very song is what I think of every night. I think of all the good times we had, as few as they were, and I think of warmth, love. I think of you.

    I listen to that song every now and again, still feeling that same longing and wonder about the “what if’s” and “whys.” Still stay awake on summer nights like this one. Thinking of you. Still think about this universe, this earth, the sand and soil beneath my feet and every ocean in the world, and how you so have a passion for figuring them out. I loved that about you. The smartest guy in our school, but also the kindest. You were one of a kind. A shining star on this from planet earth. And now you’re gone.

    I miss you, Jack

    What I’d give to see you.
    Just one more time
    Before you go.


  14. its been a couple months since you left me. It's currently 5 am & I'm laying here crying, hoping for a miracle. Hoping u would come back. That I will wake up tomorrow morning to see you laying next to me again. I know u wouldnt want me to feel like this but I cant make it stop. I want you to be proud of me and I want to live. But it's hard…
    I hope heaven is treating you well, please wait for me. I'll be there soon…

  15. I still think of you, and I hate it. I hate to think about you because you hurt me so much. You used me, manipulated me, and left me faster than anyone has. I hate you. I hate every single bit of you. I just want to stop thinking about you. Its been months. I just want to move on already.

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