i will be waiting ~ lofi hiphop mix feat. monty datta

best lofi hiphop beats from monty datta ❤️
featuring mishaal, shiloh, dhan & cold illumination 🔥

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~ tracklist ~

0:00 – 2:18 wish i never (feat. cold illumination)
2:18 – 4:34 with somebody else (feat. dhan)
4:34 – 7:01 move on (feat. cold illumination)
7:01 – 9:01 can’t love myself (feat. mishaal)
9:01 – 11:21 love hates me back (feat. cold illumination)
11:21 – 14:33 why did you have to go (feat. cold illumination)
14:33 – 17:05 sing to you (feat. shiloh)
17:05 – 20:29 tired all the time (feat. chvrliebrown)

ilustration by okaycozy




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  1. near the beginning of the school year, way back in october 2018, i met this guy in science. before we even spoke, i told myself "no way in hell are you falling for this kid. you always fall for clumsy dirty blonde guys that are stupidly goofy." shocker, that's exactly what i ended up doing. one day we were put in the same table, and we bonded over our love for… energy drinks? interesting choice, i know. but very soon, we became close, and from then on we were always together. we even hung out. once. we got bubble tea, went to a library and judged nearly every book we came across, watched the sunset on a bridge, and layed on a playstructure ranting about whatever us dorks had to rant about. we would stay up past midnight texting all the time, about literally anything.

    and then, suddenly, right before the end of the year, we stopped talking, and i still dunno why. our last text was us literally talking about the stupidest thing, like usual. baguettes. phenomenal. i still to this day have no idea why we stopped talking. after second semester started, we were put in the same geography class. we still didn't talk. in band, he often walked very close to me, sometimes i even caught him staring. he always looked down at the ground, letting his grossly gorgeous fringe fall, and all you could see is this fricking smirk. I love that damned smirk, and his goofy ass laugh that you could hear from miles away. we pass each other in the halls as if we never knew the other, we sit across from each other and pretend the other doesn't exist, dumb ass fucking shit like that. i just, i miss the kid. from his goofy smile, to our ighly deep talks about energy drinks, to falling asleep during video chats, to screaming about dogs, to literally anything we ever did together. i miss the shithead. and there's absolutely nothing i can do.

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