I will wait for you / lofi hip hop mix

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👁 Artwork by Mike Redman
Mike Redman
⭕Tracklist and Artist :

00:00 Varden – When The Sun Sets

02:40 TABAL – Melancholia

04:44 yonderling – faraway / traverser [ep]

06:50 Ambulo – In Orbit

08:53 HJTbeats – runnin

11:27 Pandrezz X Lindécis X jsan – Belleville

14:24 Lindécis – Soulful (Chillhop Live Session)

💿 Chillhop Music ( record label )

18:12 Taiyo Ky – The Train Ride Home

21:09 DLJ – Deep Sleep (w TABAL)

23:08 yonderling – afterhours

25:25 SLEEPWALKERS – half hearted

27:43 SLEEPWALKERS – lost thought

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  1. Your thumbs up the best support for me ♡
    00:00 Varden – When The Sun Sets

    02:40 TABAL – Melancholia

    04:44 yonderling – faraway / traverser [ep]

    06:50 Ambulo – In Orbit

    08:53 HJTbeats – runnin

    11:27 Pandrezz X Lindécis X jsan – Belleville

    14:24 Lindécis – Soulful (Chillhop Live Session)

    18:12 Taiyo Ky – The Train Ride Home

    21:09 DLJ – Deep Sleep (w TABAL)

    23:08 yonderling – afterhours

    25:25 SLEEPWALKERS – half hearted

    27:43 SLEEPWALKERS – lost thought

  2. I have a long-distance relationship. My girlfriend visited me on december again. Now she is back in japan. March she will be back

    and stay at my side :')

  3. Hey you, read this! you're an amazing, talented person that deserves love and appreciation. Things always get better, wounds will eventually heal. It hurts for a while, but in the end you'll be okay. Just remember that. <3

  4. i should be happy that i have this life.

    i have a pretty normal life, pretty boring, bland…

    i just don't feel comfortable.

    i have friends, nothing bad has happened.

    i just feel like i am in this cycle of 'no motivation'

    i feel sad,

    i feel disappointed,

    i try and be positive,

    then i go to being sad again.

    i just want to escape.

    music is my escape.

    i take care of myself, i try and love myself, in fact, i do. i want to spread love all around the world, it's my number 1 goal. i may be young, i am 11, but i really want to make a difference in this world. i have noticed that it's so bland, things are getting worse EVERYDAY. to people mentally and physically. i really want to help, but remember to help yourself first. that is what i learnt today.

    i will build up all the positivity to help myself first, then i will stay strong to help others.

    i will get out of this cycle, i will try, starting from today.

    – from my diary a year ago

    now, i am 12.

    i know this goal will take a lot of time, but we can do this together. who wants to help me?

    i have been hiding positive post – it notes around my school for months now and i feel like something has changed.

    i will keep doing this until i leave the school.

    in the meantime, i will be working on making posters to put around my area.

    please, i want you to atleast make 1 person happy today, and the rest of your year.

    only less than 2 months until the new year.

    put it on your new year goal/list!

    we can do this together!

    stay strong, keep safe, take care and you can do this!

    if you're having a tough time, please take a small break and treat yourself to something nice maybe,

    don't run away from your problems, take your time to figure out what is happening, then act upon it.

    do your best and try harder each time, if you fail, don't give up. that's not a good thing to do. giving up is only going to pull you apart from your goals. it'll waste time!

    anyways, thank you for reading! you can do this! i love you 🙂

  5. I love you. have loved you for centries…no, it has been more like a millennium. So forgive me for not saying it before. please forgive me for making you wait all this time alone. and forgive me for making you wait just a little longer.

  6. Even if half the world separates me from you,
    Even if I know you're not thinking of me,
    Even if you have moved on,

    There will always be a part of me that will never forget
    That scent you always had,
    What your favourite shirt was,
    My favourite jacket of yours,
    How you did your hair,
    Every little mole, freckle and imperfection on your skin,
    How your face felt in my hands,
    The way you walked,
    Everything perfect about you,
    How lucky I was,
    Where your smile crinkled,
    How your eyes laughed back,
    Your teeth,
    Your voice,
    Your hands,
    Those shoes you always wore,
    Your frown,
    Your disappointment,
    The way your voice cracked,
    The way you sat,
    Your hands loosely clasped together,
    Your raised eyebrows,
    Those unimpressed eyes,
    The words that cut in me in half,
    The shame I felt,
    The love I felt,
    How I [love]d you.

    But even though I messed up,
    Even though you took me back,
    Even when you loved me back,
    Even when you said that you missed me,
    Even when I knew I would love others,
    I knew that one day I would smell that scent you always wore

    And end up crying in a bathroom stall.

    If you have been scrolling through your photos and see them, please do not linger any longer. Swipe on or put that phone down. I know you won't like it but your future self will thank you. You may feel like crying, feel free, but do not look at that picture and think of what you did wrong, or all the good times you had. Thinking about it is fine from time to time, but becoming obsessed with them again will only make it worse. Use the mistakes you made as guidelines for improving your actions, not bullies to break yourself down. Use their faults to acknowledge your last straw, to know your comfort zones, to know when to hold back, to know what type of people you will love.
    Relationships should not be blocked with an age range. Loving someone is like taking a practice exam. When you know what the questions mean, what they're asking for, how to respond, what not to do, you will find yourself with better outcomes than diving into something unfamiliar without any knowledge. When you know all the tips, tricks and your own morals, it is much easier to find a partner and love them.

    Please stay safe, wise and loving.
    Love everyone, even if they don't seem to deserve it. They are people too.
    I hope I was able to help someone. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I will answer.

    Lots of love

  7. Someday, I will find a friend. They'll want to hang out with me and go do fun things; they'll message me to see what I'm up to the same way I do them.

    Because I've been trying for 25 years. And the idea that at 30 years old you are doomed to just be too boring and forgettable for other people to think about is…it's…I don't have a word for it. I just hope it's not true. I just want to click with one or two people the way I see happening all around me all the time. To be able to say I can do that. To feel like I'm not just invisible to everyone I see.

  8. We are here in the garden, playing fun things, like best friends.
    Suddenly I see that you are leaving, I am somewhat confused but happy, I am going towards you. I took your hand, and you sighed deeply. I only smiled for you and only for you.
    You let go of my hand to say we would play a game. I was excited, I love to play, and more if it's with you! You looked at me and laughed a little, that laugh really meant a lot to me. After all, you were my only friend, the only one I played with.

    You told me to stay still where I was and wait for. I nodded innocently and watched you leave.

    5999 years have passed already. I miss you so much. I really don't know where you went or where you are, but at least come back and tell me you're fine.

    Still, I will wait for you.

    I will wait for you to come back to play again.

  9. I know you had to go
    You wish to see the world out there.
    But I think of you all the time and
    I feel so alone.

    Whenever you decide to come back
    Just know
    I'll be waiting for you.

  10. To the stranger scrolling through the comment section, remember, you are not alone. It'll all pass. You will move on. Sadness is necessary for happiness to arrive. Don't wait for someone that won't wait for you. Don't give someone the world when all they give you is the bare minimum. You will love yourself; you will love others. Others will love you. So, go out to the world, take a deep breath of fresh air, and remember: nothing lasts forever. Not even the sadness that seems to always be on your heels. There is light at the end of the tunnel; you just have to reach it. <3

  11. I got my heart broken a few hours ago. I had a gut feeling that he was gonna end it. 5 more days and it would be our anniversary. I'll always love him no matter what, I'll wait for him till the end. Love you Sean. Thanks for the fun times we had together <3

  12. Everybody reading this know YOU'RE Awesome & YOU Have a Great Purpose for living thru the rough downtimwes, music like this is just a tip of the iceberg to get u thru shit 😎

    Much luv 🤙🏿🤙🏿☯️☮🕉

  13. Back again lol. I hope when death comes for me, the melody that serenades my soul as I drift into the unexplored beyond is this music compilation.

  14. I will wait
    I hope to never loose the feel of you
    The way you kissed me
    The way you held me
    There’s not much else I can do

    I hold the memories close
    Though you’re 36 hours away
    I still think about you today
    48 days left I say
    Til you’re by my side for only 10 days
    Back to the marines you go
    Hoping I’ll get to see you again on Christmas Day.

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