I'm Alright, I'll Be Fine | Lofi HipHop Mix |

Yūgen is not an allusion to another world. It is about this world, this experience…

🎧 Tracklist:
00:00 wav.s – my wings are made of plastic
01:34 fudasca – not mine (feat. june b marsh)
02:49 CHELJI – Thought Of Love
05:31 CHELJI – drip
08:30 nekoi – for you
10:50 Resident – Paralyzed
13:22 Prod. Seany OWE – Could I Ever Be Loved Feat. Little Kumari
17:02 hateful – too afraid
19:25 Dyslm – Saints and Ghosts, Pt. 1 (feat. Overslept)
21:13 Dyslm – Saints and Ghosts, Pt. 2 (feat. Overslept)
24:15 Prod. Seany OWE – Back Then Feat. Jenn Krahn
27:37 Prod. Seany OWE – Fixing A Broken Heart Feat. Thebaetes
31:38 Zaini – i’ll never let you go (ft. dhan)
33:47 Teqkoi & Zaini – Miss U (ft. darkforestdrives)
36:05 DREVM x changing cleo- Run
38:48 marc indigo – souls and silhouettes (prod. young taylor)
41:20 Prod. Seany OWE – Stay Ft. Ariel McCleary
44:45 Prod. Seany OWE – I Don’t Want To Grow Up Ft. Amanda Catherine
47:55 Prod. Seany OWE – I Want To Die With You Feat. P2 Amorous

❤️ Support the artists
・wav.s https://soundcloud.com/otou_san
・fudasca https://soundcloud.com/gwell-j
・junebmarsh https://soundcloud.com/junebmarsh
・CHELJI https://soundcloud.com/chelji
・nekoi https://soundcloud.com/nekoilove
・Resident https://soundcloud.com/raines-pollard
・Prod. Seany OWE https://soundcloud.com/user-173142030
・Little Kumari https://soundcloud.com/2121000
・hateful https://soundcloud.com/hatefulbeats
・Dyslm https://soundcloud.com/dyslmofficial
・Overslept https://spoti.fi/33EqSM7
・Zaini https://soundcloud.com/cheyenne-zaini
・dhan https://soundcloud.com/lenard-lomeda
・Teqkoi https://soundcloud.com/teqkoi
・darkforestdrives https://www.instagram.com/darkforestdrives/
・DREVM https://soundcloud.com/drevm
・changing cleo https://soundcloud.com/changingcleo
・marc indigo https://soundcloud.com/marcindigo

⛩ Art:
By Daisuke Richard

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I’m Alright, I’ll Be Fine | Lofi HipHop Mix |

#Lofi #Vocals #Indie #Yūgen


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Comment (48)

  1. “There used to be days that I thought I was okay, or at least that I was going to be. We'd be hanging out somewhere and everything would just fit right and I would think 'it will be okay if it can just be like this forever' but of course nothing can ever stay just how it is forever.”
    ― Nina LaCour, Hold Still
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  2. This songs.. I mean all this songs is hitting me like hell but yeah I kinda relate things like these with music I listen everyday.

    sorry for the wrong grammar but plss understand a little more

  3. I hate writing these comments as much as you hate seeing them BUT i post DAILY music on my channel please check it out if you have time. All the love in the world. Peace!

  4. If you string together the names of all the songs, you can get yourself a free-style poem with meaning you can give it yourself. 🙂

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