Immortal Technique Cause Of Death Lyrics

The Cause Of Death Lyrics.


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  1. This song is a diarrhea explosion of conspiracy theories rapped through the worldview of violent leftist political hack. Just because the song is catchy and you hear some truth doesn't make this accurate nor does it give you the whole picture. Try not to get your political beliefs from rappers lmao.

  2. Been looking for a comment I read a few months ago. Someone talking about certain books to read about the U.S. and its ties to oil etc. It was a very long comment. Explaining alot of what Immortal technique is talking about. I can't find it anywhere tho. It must of been deleted and I'm sure it was because it contained alot of information. It was either on this song or The Point of No Return.

  3. Damn,,,every single word is the absolute truth laid out,,, this song means more today than when it was written

  4. you're awesome man stay loyal stay strong. You are not alone im sure there are more people then us that won't accept being the pets of masons and zionists 🙂 illuminati. i never liked rap or hip hop cause thats all about bitches, money and drugs. But love your lyrics tho good job. been listening this over and over again in days

  5. Always look back to this song that woke me on the JQ. The dancing Israeli's (When Immortal Technique raps about the 4 non-arabs arrested on the George Washington bridge were Mossad and it was clear we had gone to war again in the middle east for Jews, General Wesley Clark had pointed out exactly what Zionist shills have pushed, 7 countries in 5 years. Obama helped fuel this plan after Bush. Who played megaphone to the Weapons of Mass Destruction lie? Mainly Jews, both in media (which they own) and our congress ( Congress, which is 58% Jewish now in 2019) Western blood will always be spilled on behalf of the jews until people wake the fuck up.

    So much bullshit in the NIST report and we had every reason to suspect Israel behind the attacks, it all falls on deaf ears.

  6. Still think its bullshit they dumped binladen in the sea… probs the photos and then dropped the fucker off somewhere.

  7. So ahead of their time. Right up there with Rage Against the Machine. Revolutionary woke af mf comrades. Hope they doin' good. I been so out the loop late

  8. What a wanker revoke the right to abortion? Who is his father? Lucifer. Thou shalt not kill monkey brain luciferian cunt

  9. A pants-shittingly stupid attempt at simplifying the state of things by trying to sow enmity between the social arrays(where HAVE I seen that before) but I like it. The fascist, freedom hating devil just listened to this diatribe and wribkled it's nose, chuckled at you, shrugged and got back to work not being the visions of hell whose 'philosophy' you parrot. I give it two middle fingers up. Cheers!

  10. I disagree with the line about abortion, these illuminati scum WANT abortion, it's literal child sacrifice to them, feeds their god, Ba'al.

  11. Trump is a false messiah, his son, Jared Kushner is a typical illuminati fuckboi obsessed over numerolgy, he paid 1.8 BILLION dollars to purchase building number 666 on 5th avenue, he also lied about 9/11, first said they had to have been bombs then changed his mind days later, started peddling the same bs opinion the media did.

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