Incredible Historic Photos of Christchurch/New Zealand – Mudflood? Hidden History?

I’ve been looking into the whole Tartaria/mudflood/hidden history thing recently and it got me looking into my home town, the now infamous Christchurch, New Zealand. The early growth of this city, as it turns out, is well documented by photos which have been recently released to the public by New Zealand’s flagship museum, Te Papa.

I’ve downloaded and restored some of their meticulously scanned photos and negatives (from old emulsion plates which produce images of incredible quality), and put together what I consider to be a quick introduction to New Zealand’s once hidden history.


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  1. when moving here from Scotland 1967 the first thing we said was how was this all done in such a short time !! I worked in hairsalons under ground and a professional singer in many underground places ! Do you still live here ? 😀

  2. Yay Im glad you are back Chubs. I find your info well researched, logically compelling and evidence based. And of course it is great to have a fellow kiwi finally in the mix. Keep following this. There is so much stuff that does not make sense. And when you look all over the world the evidence speaks for itself. The buildings are ridiculously similar. Of course you get the nit wits that lie or exaggerate, and the sensible people that point out obvious things like a thoughtful fellow that has given great comments on this vid. However there is a lot more that defys imagination. One thing that occured to me while watching this particular vid was that there is no way in NZ at that particular time we would have had the man power with the ability and time to make the quarries, extract and transport the materials and finish off to such a high degree all these magnificent buildings. What with? A donkey and a cart? Equally we would not have had the population of manpower to tear them all down.  

    Our family has researched one of our famous pioneering grandmothers who sailed on the vessel "London" for 117 days and arrived in Wellington (Port Nicholson) on 1 May 1842. She was pregnant and travelling with her husband their three children. How brave they must have been to travel to the other side of the world. She eventually had 13 children and there are many stories of what was and wasn't here.

    Keep up the great work C.B.S.

  3. Truly extraordinarily almost crystal clear photos taken in the 1850 + I'm astounded by the precision geometric designs of such buildings for such a time period. how was that possible One word comers to mind 'Anunnaki' wherever buildings sprang up cut from rock at great speed?

  4. Look at the shitty corrograte verandas added on to those buildings it not even close to matching the roofs another example of our fall into the current dark ages

  5. Fascinating material, thank you! . . . I was in Christchurch last month and "discovered" RHB – Riccarton house and bush !
    There is something ineffable about the past, these islands, the people and life from before everything "shrunk" into less :
    less space, less meaning, less truth !

  6. Very interesting research. Thank you. It is worth looking into the development of the stone quarries and how they fit into the time line. On the web page it says that many of the early constructions were of rubble using roughly shaped blocks , yet a close look at the photos seems to show fine quality work. Another line of research is to look at population numbers and the number of buildings created within certain time frames. Would it have been logistically possible?

  7. Awesome!! Keep up the Amazing work!
    Why are we keep out of parts of Dargiville forests or allowed to know whats hiding in there until 2060??
    Because they dont want us to know about the Bronze age huts etc in there!!! If we new and saw them then there story would up.

  8. Really enjoy this video.l am cautious about mudflood.l know right now there is alot of flooding worldwide yet not everywhere but l dont see the effects of mudslide.also surely someone wrote about it.we are learn so much truth about our true history.

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