Instrumental – Hardcore- Irish music – Hip hop – rap – beat 17 (BenStar Productions)

This beat is for all you freestyle rappers and music lovers…


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  1. 10 foot tall with a brew in my hand/ i hate uncle SAM/ king of the damn/ fresh on the mic/ lesser on height/ Celtic blood so you know we do it right/Im a Irish thug/  with Irish blood/ nationalist to the core/i make bodies hit the floor

  2. @SnortingTableSalt green white and orange yanky shite not green orange and white yes I care to fight? im snorting the white. here a little irish lullaby seeing steroetyping yanks off till the day we die.. media influenced god tv cunts brain washed fukers its time to bare the brunt. ME IRISH PRIDE I WILL NOT HIDE ME IRISH RACE I NEVER WILL can say wat u like leprechauns and about blight cop on to your selves its real fucking life, jaysus christ

  3. I'm a leprechaun. Green, orange, white, rep it son School comes first, take my hw and get it done Its conor Brennan baby, sweet potato to ladies Go to bed at 6, tuckin in with all the babies Yeah I spit the sickest, hear the music from my throat Flow so wet, equipped with a raincoat You'll get soaked, I got a cover for the shillaleigh Lucky charms every morning with a nice cup baileys Good and right, westie kids care to fight? Thats just sends me packing, potato blight

  4. I'm not an Irish thug /
    more like a Scottish Gentlemen /
    masonic blood /
    and can't tell you bout the clubs im in /
    but what I can reveal is that we close to the end /
    Japan's underwater /
    earthquakes happen whenever they can /
    weather bug says 64 right now /
    yesterday shit was like 110 /
    prophecies of the bible /
    no longer lookin far fetch n pretend /
    locust in the sky /
    translate to helicoptors /
    fish dyin in the sea /
    when the oil kings cold cock us /
    …CT 203

  5. I wish I was Irish. Cuz my freestyle may have sounded better then. Good thing I know how to use an Irish accent. Oh but seriously this instrumental awesome!!!

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