IO “Stitt” (Official Video)

IO “Stitt”
Prod by Neetz
Lyrics: IO
Film by TAXi FILMS

IO 『Mood Blue』
(KANDYTOWN LIFE / BCDMG / P-VINE) now on city !!

1 Mood Blue (intro)
 Prod by Ryohu
 Co-Prod by Neetz
2 Mood Blue
 Prod by Ryohu
 Co-Prod by Neetz
3 Prestige / feat. G.O.K
 Prod by Mass-Hole
4 Notis
 Prod by Jazadocument
5 This Time / feat. ANARCHY
 Prod by Neetz
6 Feel My Minute / feat. Zeus
 Prod by Kid Fresino
7 Slider (skit)
 Prod by JASHWON
8 Dayz To Dayz 2017 / feat. Neetz
 Prod by Neetz
9 Savoy / feat. Gottz, Young Juju
 Prod by Gradis Nice & Scratch Nice
10 No Interviews (Interlude)
 Prod by hanna, Neetz, Illicit Tsuboi, IO
11 Stitt
 Prod by Neetz
12 About You / feat. Neetz, Kiano Jones
 Prod by Neetz
13 Bitter Harmony (outro)
Prod by Miki


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  1. I know that this is random but can someone mashup this song with Plastic love ?
    Ok, no one ?
    Ok don't mind me
    Just a random foreign audience here. 😂

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