irish hip hop brady featuring nemesis take my world on your shoulders

Directed/Edit – Nemesis
Song – Take My World On Your Shoulders
Artist – Brady Featuring: Nemesis
Album – Take My World On Your Shoulders
Booking Info: [email protected]

Mad Hatter/Criptic Mind Productions 2009


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Comment (26)

  1. @cheekcongo sound. live and let die dude,hate is just a part of irish hip hop,every one quick to judge,Nice one for checking out the stuff 🙂

  2. @everlastisking i am nothing like other irish hip hop artists tho i have much respect for what they do,I have a very varied background in music production that involves verious music styles from hip hop,metal,singer song writer,trad,reggie,dance,tecno,drum & bass i can go on and on, What i talk about in hip hop it what i know from my own life,depression is NOT only some thing emo's think they go through,it seems you have a narrow minded taste in music my friend,but sound for the view any way

  3. I don't mean to sound low but you dudes just pepetuate every steriotype an Irish rapper has, bullshitting about how hard your life is, seriously you look the type that would shout abusive shit to rockers and asume if someones deppressed they're an emo honestly I'd stay on that doll cause I don't see hip hop as your thing

  4. this has 2 be a laugh, that guy brady looks like a bender, your man nemesis is decent but jesus that brady fella has 2 be taking the piss

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