Isaiah Rashad Reveals His Mother Burned His Hair + 5 Fingers of Death Freestyle! | Sway’s Universe

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  1. can someone please tell the name of the first beat he started freestylin to? I recognize it but don’t know where from, shit is fucking fuego

  2. He's the greatest artist of this generation. He truly reached me with his music as well. Helped me thru my alcohol abuse. Idk bruh..I'm just in awe. And have y'all heard them snippets?? 3rd classic on the way

  3. I love Isaiah Rashad's thought process with making songs. I can relate to having a lot of half songs that get finished later after taking time to look at the big picture then dive back in the song with a better sense of where to take the song

  4. Yeah when I heard that Wayne and bobby V instrumental I automatically knew Isaiah was gonna fuck with that style. Sure enough he started smiling. You can tell he was vibing with that shit.

  5. man i find it so amazing that alot of people's been touched by Zay's music. just like one of the callers, i've been dealing with depression and anxiety, and been having thoughts of suicide all while going to university and had it not been for Zay and his music, especially Heavenly Father, i dont know what would have become of me man. his music is different, but it hits home really hard. undoubtedly he'll be one of the best if he continues like this. huge respect to him and his art, and he sounds really intelligent and humble. TDE really has a way in finding artists who has a powerful impact with their work!

  6. isaiah rashad's music and lyricism is to fire, i was friends with his girl on tumblr and i'm so glad she put me onto his music. when i first heard welcome to the game in 2014 it was over his sound is so original. keep killing it zay you pump out nothing but quality slaps, west coast fucks with you heavy! 🙏🏽

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