Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop | Badmash | Hindi Rap Guru (Yo Yo Honey Singh Parody 2014)


I didn’t want to do this but I had to cos the shit was getting annoying as hell!!!

To all my listeners – I just finished recording my reply to Honey Singh’s “Issey Kehte Hain Hip Hop” and here it is!!! I really don’t care what people think about me after this – Hate Me or Like Me or Whatever, I won’t give a fuck about it but something was to be done and I did it!!!

I don’t have any issues with Honey Singh as a person or what he does in Bollywood. To be honest, he is talented and knows how to do business in the industry (see I’m a nice guy!) but I don’t see or listen to any of his stuff or whole Bollywood, as a matter of fact, but when someone says that they are real “Hip Hop” and show the people the fake side of it then I kinda get annoyed because when you are given this big pedestal, with such fame and so many people follow you, why do you fucking tell them fake stories and show them that hip hop is all about money, bitches, cars, boasting about achievements and stupid fashion where as Hip Hop is never about that. Why don’t these artist give real knowledge about this culture to the people of India – waise hi humare desh mein kaafi log anpad ganwaar hain jinko jo glamorous cheez dikhao ussey woh beena kuch sawaal kare, khareed lete hain! Chootiya Bollywood issi pe jee raha hai abhi tak! Jaago ullu ke phatto, apna deemag lagao thoda!

That is why “Hip Hop” is dead now, even in America, because so many rappers are just bull-shitting and rapping about crap, no creativity and no substance!!! Because of these rappers, I’m hating rap nowdays kyunki aajkal salla sab hi rappers hain (without knowing the basics). I don’t even listen to any new rappers, except few of my favorites!!!

There are so many rappers in India now and I know many of them hate this guy but kisi ki gaand mein dum nahin ki kuch bolein is ke baare mein. Kyun? Tumhein lagta hai yeh tumko kal ko chance dega? Kya tum iske fans se darte ho? Yaar yeh sapna chodo aur khud kuch banno is duniya mein, kisi ke sahare na bhaitho, warna intezaar karte reh jaaoge!!! Go, do it yourself and get it what’s yours, no one is going to help you!!!

All the dirty work, I have to start and do it every time, kyunki lagta hai meri hi gaand mein dum hai aise kaam karne ke liye. As I said before, I never wanted to do this but whoever likes me for who I’m and appreciate my hard work, they wanted it, so this is for all my fans out there and who knows what real “hip hop” is all about. Maybe I don’t know much about it either but I’m not a “chootiya” like him!!!

Again I don’t hate this guy but I didn’t like what he did with his song, that is all, a bad representation of Hip Hop in India. If he wants to be called “hip hop” then I’m also a rapper and I have something to say about it!!!


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  1. Yaaar ye gaaana maine 2014 me suna tha aur aaaj phir sun raha hoon ….yo yo best rapper honey singh tumara baaap hai…..aur baaap ki respact karna sikhu.

  2. Bhai sirf sabd jodne se rap nai banta aur iss gane me to sabd bhi nai mill rha hai tera bhai meri bat mann tu rehne de rap tere bass ki bat nai hai yr aur jo tujhe achha bol rhe hai wo to chutye hai hi tujhe aur bhi bda chutya bna rhe hai.

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