Itch FM Debate Show #1 – Is U.K Hip Hop Dead? Part 5

Itch FM – An Online Radio Station Dedicated to Hip-Hop

Itch FM Debate Show part 5

In this show we have Mystro aka MysDiggi, Tony D, Reveal, Shay D, Big Ted and Tony Black.

This discussion topic is “Is U.K hip hop dead?”

Tony Black
Roadsound music

Rapper events coordinator itch fm presenter

London based MC ,

Mystro aka MysDiggi
natural born spitta

Big ted
The fresh stuff on mi-soul radio
Tuesday nights 11pm – 1am

@tonydpoison the tone and smyth show

Is UK hip hop dead
Is UK hip hop dead
Is UK hip hop dead
Is UK hip hop dead
Is UK hip hop dead
Is UK hip hop dead
Is UK hip hop dead
Is UK hip hop dead


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Comment (4)

  1. Uk Hip Hop will never die as long as atleast one mc is on one corner selling his ish; that for me is the definition of the underground.

     Places like kingston upon thames allows you to sell cd's without the need for public liability insurance that legal wranglings ish so if your proper brassick it is a descent place to flog some cd's geezas and geezette. Uni students and college students flood the area so its not a massively saturated market as much as music allows anywho i could ramble on all day

    Big up for this debate itch fm and everyone involved big up! 

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