J Dilla on Madlib

Learn how to rap like the pros

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preview video footage of the audio interview with J Dilla in 2003.
J DILLA (1974-2006)

Recorded in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Interview by Yskid
Audio by INT
Camera by Dunya


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Comment (44)

  1. I went to ny just to get a j dilla album at the A1 record store that he used to mix at. They were sold out, but just being there was a fuckin honor my dudes. Rip j dilla

  2. thats sick doing it that way with the overdub on the tapes 🙌🏽

    hopefully I can get one of my tracks done this way get some raw sound from it

    R.I.P Dilla

  3. Git it Mad Lib!!!! THIS dude is the real Hip hop B.A.E. WAKE UP w ya boy. He is relentless on the turn tables. He makes MC's restless. This is that other side before the Pharcyde. I just saw J Dilla RUN across the stage. Ice cold on the mic, and INNOVATIVE like a freed slave beating it up from the O.X. to the SERENGETI. This that Sahara desert heat in the middle of Autumn. We came a long way Hip hop! BMH – Luh u boy! https://youtu.be/FE0Ov75C9cI Catch the vibe

    This real Hip Hop's DAY ONE HOMIE!!!! Show your love here!!! https://youtu.be/akhXYPnUSx8

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