J Dilla “Still Shinning” Documentary

J Dilla “Still Shinning” Documentary

Director: Brian ‘B. Kyle’ Atkins

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Comment (22)

  1. This documentary never gets old. It's as timeless as the man himself. I love re watching it, seeing common, quest , tip, bilial, dwele, Pete rock! Say all those kind words about dilla. I usually go from here to phife dogs dear dilla, then finish off with the ma dukes orchestra clips. That's my dilla tour down you tube Avenue. RIP my man. You changed the game 15 mins at a time

  2. Not just a Musical Genius he was just a Genius at everything he did…..why do the best ones always gotta go early? Love your work Jay and your Life truly inspirational! Rest in peace & beats !🎧🎹 my man!

  3. That moment towards the end when Jay dee’s daughter has the painting and she says “That’s my daddy” is the cutest and saddest thing. RIP

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