J Hus – No Denying (2020)

J Hus – No Denying (Official Audio)

Music video by J Hus performing No Denying (Official Audio).

(c) 2019 Black Butter Limited


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  1. I will never understand what leads people to press the dislike button when it comes to high quality music. You don't like the genre? That's a matter of taste and doesnt mean the musical performance is bad what in my opinion is what is expressed by hitting the dislike button

  2. "I can't smoke my zoot round you because you always ask for a 2's", that's a deep bar right there that's been a pressure on man for a long time, everyone begged a spliff off someone, especially if you were young when you blazed, but you still got those slimy little mother fuckers that smell the green and expect to thrape the fuck out ya joint… NO NO NO, delete these people from your life!

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