Jadakiss On Pop Smoke’s Death & The Loss Of More Young Artist In The Last Year Than His Whole Career

Jadakiss On Pop Smoke’s Death & The Loss Of More Young Artist In The Last Year Than His Whole Career

With his new, upcoming album “Ignatius,” Jadakiss speaks on dedicating it to his late friend and mentor, Ruff Ryder’s A&R manager Ignatius “Icepick” Jackson. He also recalls his memory of Pop Smoke after his untimely passing.

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Comment (24)

  1. Naw don't sport ur shizz from NY and be Wild wild West, Navajo Nation AZ Rez here, if you come to the Rez or any hood with a bag, u better have back up or homies on ur Rez, lessoned learned

  2. Round of applause kiss, Hip Hop is the only music genre that involves ego and violence. It's time for a change. To my knowledge Scott la rock was one if not the first to perish through gun violence within the rap community. Make some phone calls it's time for another stop the violence track.

  3. Tips to upcoming artists: 1. Stay off the internet….until it's time to release music.
    2. Stay out of politics
    3. Don't join a gang if u didn't come up like that
    4. Don't fabricate ur past
    5. Be respectful and humble because what u put out u will get back

  4. It's young black brothas that do not see that life is a Gift how did it all get started ? Question that it's really sad that even though we speak it's not understood because the young ones don't get it

  5. I like pop smoke he was hard ready to show the world again of new yorks passion for rap music he leff to soon with alot of life to live condolences to him and his family rest in peace pop smoke 🙏.

  6. You don't have to sell drugs to be a rapper. You can get a legal shipping and receiving job, bust boy, fast food. Just think its only temporary to invest into yourself. Then start on social Media. Do live shows someone may invest in you or a label. You just never know. Drugs will get you in trouble and your rap career won't last. Think about it. 🤔 Think about all the people in the rap game that messed with drugs. They went to jail, died from the use or got robbed for the drugs.

  7. Yea Jada but rap the only genre that’s talkin’ murda murda. Y’all gotta face reality that the energy you put out come back around. It’s a sad reality. Rap wasn’t about all this murda when you was makin hits bruh. Tell me I’m lyin’. Every single artist out now perpetuating murder. Facts.

  8. Ironically he died by his name sake. Senseless yes, but it’s hard to feel sorry for this younger generation when folks try to mentor and guide them and they not trying to hear it. I’ve never seen so many people die behind clout chasing as these dudes, it’s only going to get worse in the 2020’s.

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