Jah9 – Legitimate (produced by Rory Gilligan)

from Jah9’s upcoming Album “New Name”. Produced by Rory Gilligan; Written by Janine “Jah9” Cunningham



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  1. So I have no fear

    And though I have no enemy I am aware

    That the few seek the plenty for themselves

    And justice is rare without material wealth

    When we delegate our fate to someone else

    but fortunately, I claim dominion over my destiny

    with the wisdom and power from knowledge of the key

    the tree of life is rooted in me

    so even in the midst of trials I am free

  2. beautiful and wise, always overflowing with righteousness and vibes.
    give thanks and praise 4 janine.
    the real royal empress and priestess. bless

  3. Princess ,jah9 “I have no fair I have no Enemies ,I am aware that some think of only themselves and justice is rear without material wealth when you delegate your future to someone else “this is just some serious lyrics.yow Rory respect long time Stone love follower from tarinton bridge days..

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