I finally reacted to this song for you guys! Was highly requested so thought i’d check it out.

Bosnian rap is lit!!!

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  1. It's same label(they just renamed it), they just realised these kinds of songs don't make as much money as these new theme ones.

  2. You should listen to their music in transition period from rap to hip hop(commercilalism).These songs are Jala × Buba-Borba;
    Jala × Buba-Bez tebe;
    Jala × Buba-Dobar umire mlad;
    These songs are top,believe me!!

  3. They had a label before Imperia it was called RedEye but they didnt making so much money so they started to make that kind of new music everybody knows and first one is Jala and the second one is Buba btw keep up the good work😉😘

  4. Buba Corelli – Jala – Kalashnikov


    And when the night falls, I put my teeth just to not watch,

    Hey, reps who want me to be gone.

    When I sweep the day with a mahal, everything is reggae,

    By kale in the pocket of a baker's pig (Huu)

    I have a snooze in the boots x3

    Blaka, Blaka, Blaka Blaka!


    I'm fucking fucking you who never boiled,

    that the game of a woman long ago would take off her veil

    lu lu crazy is immature through hood s'BMW

    In the club when I get in my ass fat ass! a

    My men are on guard, do not want us to go

    and fuck you all when the streets wage war in Gaza.

    If I'm not in the pocket, I'm in the garage in the garage,

    if he is not just going, he sends the kera to asylum.

    The mahala shakes, and our little dancers dance for us,

    booked every month and I grab money in my hands,

    My mothers are on our bets, like bikers at Harley

    I'm Cora's brother, just like Luigi Maria.

    Let me quote Balash, I have a kalaš in my pocket,

    if you want to, then you have, the hall records then you fall,

    and you know that they all give for a gram from the province to the dagra,

    Do not go to the wolf if you see that it's dangla auuu!

    Buba Corelli:

    Porshe Panamera flow, Buba Corelli Ferrari,

    we make an incredible show, they can be smoked by critics.

    Go for a guitar cover, you're not sick for these things

    I'm bursting through the beat, making me cough.

    Kesh is here to get caught, your little nerves me,

    I told her she was not touching me, but she insists that she be massaging him.

    We booked from April until September,

    there is no rap BiH without me because this scene needs me.

    Do not fucking mum and babe do what you're going to do about it

    your little girl's bed is lying beside her, my little Kim is, and I'm her Kanye.

    Fucking time is over, your reputation is shit,

    I do not know where to fit everything, the SA sound is all over.

    Cora can not go any further, it is overhauled, up the road because the flow of the saw is,

    I'm rubbing the rhyme over there, so do not make me do it

    This is our age But bomaye!

    Bad Son: "I did not fuck you, baby, but it's Buba!

  5. You are quite good at reacting, I mean really good and interesting with a lot on point things. I just have one thing that bothers me and it's that you don't put music in video. We can't hear music as you through your microphone, can't hear all those bangers and all.. Maybe copyrights are problem, but you cut songs and talk so copyright shouldn't he a problem as far as I know. Just thay one thing.. Good luck and greetings from Serbia

  6. Buba coreli was in prison because of smugling drugs in his narco cartel.When Buba finished his prison punishment jala and buba turned to makeing comertial songs

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